Super Sale - TODAY ONLY! Feb 16th

For today only I am offering up an unbeatable deal on a bunch of parts.
I would like to sell the whole lot of parts together, though for the right offer I may make exceptions. (like what is listed in bold)
There is a sale on some glass equipment that I need, that is going on today. So do not expect me to offer any of these parts for this price after today “Feb 16th”.

Gazzalodi 24"x3.0"- Very fresh. $50.00

KH 24" frame 07 - Painted green, few chips and scratches(the paint job is about a C) Frame has very few hours on it and has not been stressed to much. $125.00

KH 24" rim 07 - Round, pretty true, fairly good condition. $20.00

K1 Reinforced hub/135mm Street Cranks
- 2 or so years old… on the beat up side $100.00

Nimbus round crown frame/calmp/post - Green, I did not paint this. I was gonna strip repaint and build a sweet learner uni. a few scrathes here and there. [B]$25.00
KH 19" rim 07 - Scratched up, and the back wall is cracked and missing chunks between spoke holes (rim is only good for light ridding, learning, would be okay for a lender uni). Its a beater. $7.00

Odyssey Twisted Plastics - blueberry, strawberry. BRAND NEW $12.00 each

Double Hole KH Moments 125/150s - great condition $60.00

Tryall tire - half worn $20.00

All the prices are what I feel the used conditions of these parts would normally be worth.

…Here is the total for the whole sale package: $300.00+shipping, OBO.
PM for more details. I may or may not have pics of some this stuff.

Fairly sure the Gazz and dual hole cranks are spoken for.

Wow, a bunch of awesome deals… If I had money i’d jump on a bunch of this stuff.

Day is finding its end.

Still have the K1 hub and crank set and both frames.


Just a few weeks ago everyone was going crazy over round crown frames. Where are all those people now?

Right here!:stuck_out_tongue: I plan on getting the roundcrown as a temp untill those CF aluminum frames come out. CF=Yummy.

Well hes got one now, why not snap it up?