Super Rare Unicycle T-Shirt

For a few years running the Australian Unicycle Society performed at the Woodford Folk Festival. Each year we created a different unicycle themed shirt to act as a uniform. I just found a brand new, never worn shirt from 2003. It is just a little bit too small for me so I thought that I would see if anyone else wants it. It is a size 14 (actually it is more like a 16) and made of really good quality cotton. I still wear one that I have had for 7 years. The shirt is bright red with a stylised unicycle on the front and some witty FAQ’s on the back.

Out of all the shirts that we did this was by far my favourite one.

Make me an offer that I can’t refuse and you may soon be the proud owner of this piece of unicycling memorabilia and the envy of all of your unicycling friends.


I should have been clearer. When I said ‘make me an offer I can’t refuse’ I was looking for something like “I am happy to pay postage and buy you a coffee”.


Hahahaha. This is great! :smiley: Too bad I live on the other side of the world. :confused:

I’d take it too, but I also live on the other side of the world :frowning:

any clue what this would be in american sizes?

Phil_on_uni asked “any clue what this would be in american sizes?”

My answer is here:

Wayne :wink: