Super Inexpensive Torkers on Ebay

Microsoft seems to be having some sort of deal with Paypal and Ebay. This little trick lets you get a Torker DX for $200 dollars with a $50 cash back refund bringing it to around $150 dollars without shipping. This trick will actually work with most “Buy it now” item on ebay getting you a 25% rebate assuming you pay with Paypal.

For this to work you have to visit (Microsoft’s new search engine) and search for something such as Torker DX and then click the first sponsored link, it should be for ebay. I’ve included a screen shot and highlighted where you need to click in red:

Once you click that you will end up at the ebay search results page. When you find an item which interests you, click “buy it now” and you will be able to instantly view the rebate price. If you don’t have an ebay account and just want to check out the deal you can click “guest checkout” after hitting buy it now and the “Microsoft Cashback” will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

Remember, this isn’t limited to Torker DXs, that was just an example. This will actually work with most “But it now” items on ebay.

Forrest saved $7.50 on a tire using this. Heres a FAQ for anyone whos curious about it:

I hate to link threads across boards, but we’ve been discussing it in JC as well: Live rebate gets you some awesome deals on Ebay.

Wow, this is actually pretty cool. Usually when I buy stuff on ebay, it’s kind of expensive so this definatley helps. Thanks for posting this

I’m thinking that a clever person could ask John Drummond (or one of the other UDC folks) to put what they want up on eBay, with a Buy It Now price that includes shipping, and get the thing for 25% off. KH36, maybe? I tested this out and it goes for pretty expensive stuff (an iPod touch 32 GB could be had for $330 new, shipped–$440 as the Buy it Now price).

I don’t see this now… so I’m guessing it has expired?