Super grippy slim muni pedals?

I’m still running butterfly pedals on my munis. They’ve been great pedals. But they’re starting to lose pins, and… they’re pretty thick and heavy.

These are my current pedals:

I’m wondering what people are enjoying for muni pedals these days. I love the way the pins grip on these pedals, but I hate how they fall out and then the hole gets crammed full of dirt and small rocks. I’ve put loctite in with them, but they still fall out.

These looked interesting:

I have these and they are about as thin as they come, while still retaining strength and are light and super grippy.


If you’re up for nylon-fiber pedals, I use the deity compound pedals. Super light weight (339G) and WAY grippier than my last pedals, fyxation gate slims, especially with 5.10s. They’re also rebuildable, in case something brakes or needs to be replaced (including Cr-mo pins).

I also use the HT’s that Terry uses. They come in a great selection of colors, are super thin and the AE02’s weigh in at just 303gr without completely emptying your wallet.

How are they for pin durability/replaceability?

I notice they have no pins in the inner center, which is where we need traction the least… but have you noticed this as an annoyance or an issue at all?

And why are these pedals so damn hard to find for sale? I can even search ebay for the same title and it won’t find them… google apparently doesn’t know about them either.

It looks like the all the pins on the AEO3 are removable from the backside, those would be much easier to clean out than the little tiny pin heads. Its very slightly lighter than the AEO1, and costs same price (except shipping, ouch!)

AEO2 is lightest but doesn’t have as many pins (7 vs 10)

I have some of those (and EZRA makes a cheaper rebranded version if you want them), but thought they were a little too flexible. The center is higher than the outsides, which I think gives a worse grip than concave style pedals. And the very thin screws really tore up the soles of my 5.10’s.

I’m still using them, but with the screws replaced with fatter setscrews. And I added some grip tape to the middle to help the grip some. I think my customized version is OK, but I’ll probably switch to something else.

I have a similar pair of nylon pedals. They are nice, but one of them has a split from some DH riding. If I buy another pair of thin pedals, they will not be nylon.

Where do you get replacement pins from for the HT pedals?


Ultra Slim

I’ve had the chance to check these out in person, but I’ve never ridden them.
They seem to be very well built. The only thing that I would be worried about would be the bearing getting beaten on the ground during pedal/crank strikes.
Vertical height = a Dime’s length.

This prob should be in the pedal thread.

MT Zeros:
I’ve read a test of those. Offset is a few mm more (which is OK with me), bearings wear out fairly quickly & hard to replace, and pedal body gets bent. I was seriously considering them until I read that review.

At most hardware stores, unless you want colored screws.

And why are these pedals so damn hard to find for sale? I can even search ebay for the same title and it won’t find them… google apparently doesn’t know about them either.

My lbs carries them, so I didn’t have to look too hard. It is The Path Bike Shop in Orange County and while they don’t regularly do mail order, Tani and his guys are really helpful and I am sure you could convince them to ship you a pair.

As to the pins I find the AO2’s plenty grippy even with fewer pins, they are however very sharp as someone else pointed out.


I like to make new threads once in a while when its for specifics and so more people see it. Especially since we can’t edit original posts after a certain amount of time.

I would never want to substitute durability for a thinner but less durable pedal. I want to be able to trash my pedals. If that means I can’t go super super thin, that’s fine. I also don’t want to open them up all the time if I don’t have to. My butterfly pedals have been awesome in this regard, they still spin great and I’ve never had to open them.

I was even looking at some trials bike pedals, because I knew they would be durable. I think my butteryfly pedals weigh over 550g so anything less than that is still an improvement for me. These nukeproof pedals looked nice. Slimmer than what I have, less weight, but still tanky.

Nukeproof Proton
Nukeproof Neutron

I’ve been using the DMR Vaults since more than 1.5 years now. Huge platform with long pins and a good balance between strength and weight at 400g. Still working fine but it’s good to know that everything is replaceable.

Just saw that they also offer it in a lighter version (Vault MG). I might buy that for my XC guni.

These pedals I mounted today. But I think I’d like to CNN and 3D print something even thinner, more like the flypaper pedal


They are exactly 10mm thin, and there is not really a spindle in it.
I haven’t tried them yet, but simultaneously I switched from 125 to 114 mm cranks, not sure if that will be a permanent choice.


I was wondering, how come you guys seem to be so interested in thin pedals?

I understand it if it’s because of the weight, but what if weight factor aside, is there a benefit to thin pedals as to the regular sized ones?

They are further away from the ground, so less prone to pedal strikes.
Often lighter in weight.
Give you better control because the base of your foot is closer to the axis in which the pedal moves.
Less likely to flip over when adjusting foot position.