Super D in Weaverville

Well, the usual Chico crew–my 13 and 17 year old sons, our riding buddy Gary, and me–headed up to Weaverville, about 2 hours NW, to compete in a “Super D” race today. It had about 2 miles of the DH course, then about 6.5 more miles on flume trails (from the mining days in the late 19th-early 20th centuries).

The top couple DH miles were about unrideable for 3/4 of the time; just too steep to keep control, even with brakes. I even rode my 24/165s to try to have a better handle on it, but it didn’t matter. Then, after things flattened out a bit, a lot of the trail turned into peanut-butter-type mud. Tires packed up quickly, the trail got squirrelly, and things were pretty interesting.

The course had been advertised as “6+” miles, but was apparently more like 8.5. Tyler, the 13 year old, came in first for the munis (it was only the 4 of us), 11 minutes faster than Gary (who was smart enough to ride his 29er), then Drew, then me. I was okay with that; it’s pretty cool to get beaten by your kids, now and then.

Chris Kennedy, the guy who won the muni category at last month’s Shasta Lemurian and who told us about today’s event, didn’t end up riding it, but that’s because he rode the 12 Hours of Weaverville yesterday, and finished 3 laps/36 miles. Cool. And this was in the same peanut-butter mud. He’s an animal. As we were leaving, the DH was starting, and Chris was there to race again. He’s got some monster legs!

All in all, good fun. Team Bigfoot, the organizer, is great because they’ll always include munis in their events. If you’re in NorCal, check out their schedule!