Super beginner / beginner trick list

Along with the idea of making a section for OUT games, I think it’d be good to make a list of tricks so the difficulty for each level don’t raise/drop a lot.

Here is the list of all the tricks in the (dead) super beginner flat game:

No footer
Leg Wrap
Double leg wrap
Triple leg wrap mount
Seat wrap
Crank roll
Inward push-mush
90º-90º unispin
180º unispin
Fakie outspin
90º-270º hoptwist
Rolling 180º Hoptwist
Wheel walk
1 foot wheel walk
1 foot idle
1 foot circle
Riding-seat drop-riding

Then people agree to merge the SB flat with the SB anystile.

IMHO I think that some of the tricks above are not SB at all. I agree with the idea of making just one SB OUT with all styles to learn the basics of unicycling and encourage people to deepen in to street/flat/trial categories. Then some beginner games will be nice. It’s very frustrating for a SB willing to play that he/she has to land a fakie outspin xD.

Please help me to set a list of tricks to help people improve (the last goal for OUT’s imho), maybe we can start with a SB any style list, and then a flat beginner ??

Tips, opinions, insults ? :smiley:

The games start easy and get more difficult with time. Most of the hard tricks you list are set at the end when there are 2 people left. By then the game has adapted to those players’ skill level. This is normal. I wouldn’t want to restrict the finalists to a list of tricks they’ve already mastered.

The point in the trick list is to get people to “master” those tricks so the can move up to harder OTG’s…

I personly think trick lists are great, and maybe if we set some many tricks on the OTG’s then people can just master them post there videos of them doing the trick then move up to harder OTG’s

Yeah, of course people improve while playing, but then they have to move to the next level of OUT. So the trick list accomplish two goals:

  1. The difficult of each level don’t raise with the improving of their players (of course you can always create a more difficult level e.g. Ultra expert)

  2. There’ll be always an OUT for each player no matter their skill’s level.

And side goals like having a list of tricks with videos and splited into difficulties. Me as a beginner don’t know the 90% of tricks out there, so is always good to discover new tricks in OUT’s. Of course you can’t make a rigid list, but an orientative one.

PS: I’m not an english native, so you’re welcome to point me out any mistake in my lenguaje :wink:

I don’t think this trick list thing is going to work out.

First, there are way to many tricks to name, and then there are combos and variations ect.

Next, of course the level of the tricks is going to raise, that’s how the sport progresses. Like 10 years ago, the experts were doing 360 unispins. Now, the experts are doing 1080 unispins, and the 360 unispin is a beginner trick. There should never have to be an “ultra expert” game, the expert game should just evolve with the expert riders, otherwise there will be way too many game threads and it will be really confusing as well. So just join the game that is doing tricks at your level, regardless of what it’s labled as. And the easier games probably won’t see that much evolution anyway, everyone has to start at the same place, the upper limits will just be pushed more.

Right now I see no problem in the levels of any of the games. All the tricks seem to fit the description very well. I would suggest that you start an OTG Generic, or something along those lines, where you do all of these basic tricks like one foot riding, idling, backwards riding and such. Before most people even begin flatland, they spend at least 6 months to a yearish learning all of these basic skills, and I wouldn’t really even consider them flatland. I also really wouldn’t consider hopping up say, curbs, as trials, but more of a basic riding skill, if you see what I mean. Just about every rider that considers themselves a flat/street/trials unicyclist can do basic tricks out of every discipline (backwards, one foot, wheelwalk, hopping small stairsets, leg wrap, stuff like that). So if a game is labled super beginner flatland, then it will do flatland tricks, not these generic tricks that you should already know before you start riding flatland. And all of the tricks on the list you posted fit that description exactly I think, some even seem a tad too easy if anything.

Just my $.02, let me know if you don’t understand part of it. :slight_smile:

Edit: Woah, this may be the longest post I’ve ever written.

If you want to know what the tricks are, there is the Unicyclopedia with descriptions of a lot of them. A video for each one would be great – sort of like what Leo Vandewoestijne did for freestyle skills here. That would be a cool project…

Wow some of these ‘super beginner’ tricks look very hard! Are they easier to learn than they look or something? To be fair I’m only currently learning to wheel walk. Maybe we need a lower level… an ‘OTG learner level’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah - I joined the last game, and very quickly realised I was nowhere near good enough to be a super beginner (to be fair I did learn something from trying, and had injury not got in the way I’d probably have got at least one of the tricks).

I don’t think I would be a fan of a trick list. The games vary quite a bit depending on who is playing, that flexibility makes it really cool. If there are more beginner people in the game, the tricks seem to follow. When I’m playing and it is my turn to set, I don’t try and get people out, I choose something that most (if not all) will be able to do and hopefully it takes them 4 or 5 days of working on it.

I figure I’m about in the middle of the super beginner game, I don’t join thinking that I’m going to win. It’s all about getting as far as you can, even if your on the bottom end of the group, you will be playing for at least a month. You will be pushed to learn stuff you normally wouldn’t and you get better all around, it helps you ride more. It’s awesome, and the comradery is worth a lot for me. I don’t have anyone to ride with so this is all I got. <sniff sniff>

I know there are a bunch of people who just started riding in the past few months, I would like to see some of those people join. The more true beginners in the group the easier the tricks will be (until the end of course…)