Super 29er


well folks here it is,the thread thats been in the making for over a year now.the official announcment that my Super 29 is compleate.

this thing went through more ups,downs,changes and incarnations than any other unicycle ive ever put together.i also experianced just about every emotion with this project.DudleyDoRides camera managed to capture some of the incarnations but not all by far,that would be picture over kill.

the main thing you will notice is the frame.its a SH with brakes! i wanted my next 29er to have brakes,fortunatly Steve was ready to first i didnt think it was going to be so easy,i just kept wondering how he was going to do it.since the fork legs are so skinny,you cant just drill and tap a brake post hole in the leg itself.when SH sent me the pic’s of the frame with the brake mounting blocks i was in awe of the simple approach.i am so happy i didnt have to use one of those horseshoe like brake adapter things,since the SH frame has flat sides it would be a good fit for one of those though,but still an eyesore on such a nice piece of art.

(another brake option was to drill a hole straight though the crown and mount an Oddessey Pit Bull brake,a Pit Bull brake is a better alternative than a simple side-pull brake)

anyway i made a gallery with all kinds of pictures & captions to tell the story futher.i welcome any comments on those pictures or questions about the uni on this thread.there are also some video clips.

as soon as i get some cranks that fit better on the SH hub i plan on taking the whole wheel apart again and building it up as originaly intended.the Profile hub is only temporary till then.i just needed to get it going and tested a couple of times for the Cali-MUni week-end so in a couple of months i will have a Profile hub and cranks floating around,what will my next uni be???

thanx to:

Steve Howard,for taking the time to make such nice unicycle parts and answering my nagging e-mails.

DudleyDoRide,for use of his digi cam.

Frank A. for the A-brake and lever (I.O.U.)

Mojoe,for keeping the secret after snooping around the gallerys and dicovering a couple of un-hidden pictures months ago.


For the record, I saw the pic in the spam bin last week, and guessed what it was. Nice looking unicycle Jagur. Looking forward to seeing it in person in Cali.


Sounds great! If you don’t wanna build another unicycle, wanna sell the profile hub/crankset? Later.

What a gorgeous piece of equipment. Artsy photos, too. And it’s tough to boot. Are you almost done searching for the one-wheel-real-deal now?

you mean the “real one wheel deal” ? im am when it comes to a 29

Sweet looking ride, there Jag. Nice roll off the wall, too!

I guess you tend to see things in black and white! :smiley:

thanx,even with 65psi in the tube i could feel the rim almost sink threw the tyre…i belive i’ll have to rotate the MotoRapter often to spead the load on those thin side walls.

Very well done. Besides looking awesome, it should be a very versatile ride. Keep testing hard and reporting back, the info helps the rest of us.


This day has been a long time coming. It’s great looking 29er. The MotoRaptor tire really gives it a more agressive look. Hopefully we’ll see a larger volume 29er tire in the future. I think a 2.5" would be great. Why the white paint on the rim though??

Your riding is incredible! I would never drop that big on my 29er. It’s great to have someone out there pushing the envelope for the rest of us. I tend to ride mine like a little Coker. I rarely even hop with it.

The only thing that really bothers me is your brake, It looks so clunky on such a fine frame. You gotta find something a little sleeker and in silver finish.

Just promise you’ll never sell this one.

cheers… Mojoe

[b]yeah it has been awile.

a wider tyre would be interesting and even a wider rim would be for the brake looking clunky,your right.i think brakes look clunky on any unicycle though.i wanted a black one to keep up the black and silver looks a little better now that i figuered out a way to not have to use that ugly Travel Agent anymore.

the white rim was to match the white SH hub.i had to sell my 1962 Moulton to help pay for a Profile hub and it was white so its kind of a reminder to me. [/b]

fear not the video clips are 4 megs or less…

I saw the Moulton pics in your gallery. I was going to ask you about it but forgot. I was wondering why the part of the frame sticking out the back looked like it was another seatpost with a brazed in seat post clamp. Maybe I was just looking at it wrong. I’d love to get an old Raleigh folder some day. I ride my '74 Raleigh Sport 3-speed a lot. I have a $70 Caradice Nelson Longflap saddlebag on it. Bike cost $5 at a garage sale.

sorry for the off-topic stuff… Mojoe

off topic stuff is ok,it looks like my run i almost over anyway.

the thing about the Moulton is a seat collar,its for a rear rack.i never found one seperatly and mine didnt come with one.the rack has a oval tube that would slide in and then you tightened it down,very trick.there was also a front rack system too but it mounted a little differant.

what pedals are you using? is that the gemcrest leather seat cover? any other stats for us? i guess you already covered most of it (cranks, hub, frame)


btw… looks great

.the pedals seen in the pic’s are not ideal,they are the crappy “pin type” pedals that came on my Summit.i use them on days i dont wear leg armor since they are not as dangerous as my DK’s.

yes that is a Gemcrest leather seat cover,its got some cuts and imact wounds but it has held together well over the last 521 days