Super 29er

[b]just in the first stages now so dont be to exited,but i am thinking about building up a Super 29er…

this project will start with:

  1. Profile hub.[/b]

Hmmm…sounds fruity. I want one already.

Having said that though, what will you use it for? If you’re going to do any drops on it you will break many rims before you do any damage to the Profiles or even a Suzue hub. Or do you have a heavy duty 29’er rim in mind? If so what would you use?


There’s a sun rhyno 700c which is quite big n chunky.

The only thing with profiles is that the extra weight will reduce the fun factor of the 29" and reduce the nice spinny thing 29ers have.


Sounds like lots of fun, but I’m also wondering…why the Profiles?


More importantly, what size wheel do you plan to use on your 29er?

I don’t know about Jagur but if it were mine I would love the 43.5" wheel size option.

Klaas Bil

[b]if i do any drops,i’ll just make sure to land straight :sunglasses:
its the sidways landings i’ll stay aways from.

Why Profiles? because they are strong and i’d rather rebuild a wheel because of a folded rim than rebuild one because of a twisted hub or crappy crank failure.

yes the Profiles will add a little weight but by my calculations,i figure that it will turn out about 43.5 pounds lighter than my 24x3 Muni.

  1. 145mm Profile crank arms.[/b]

you are correct sir.

3) 700c Rhyno lite

145? - That’s a bit long isn’t it?

I’ve been stomping around on my 29er with a susue for a while now with no-problems at all.

If you want to make something very cool why not put the profile into one of those shiney new coker rims?

I can see using Profile cranks on a 29er. If I did it, it would be fore the reliability of the splined cranks rather than the extra strength. It’s nice having cranks that you can rely on and know that they are not going to get loose or fall off during a ride. But I don’t see how you could need the extra strength of the Profiles. You’d be breaking breaking spokes or bending the rim long before you would break a standard square taper hub.

The downside to using Profiles (besides cost) is that they can only go down to 145. You would not be able to switch over to something like 125 or 110 cranks for a road ride.

I had a 26" Rhyno Lite on my Pashley. I had problems with breaking spokes with that rim. That was back when I was still learning to muni and developing some semblance of unicycling skills. I wasn’t doing drops. Just normal muni riding with some pecking up hills and small jumps. I’m not sure how much beyond that style of riding you’ll be able to go with a 29er without having to deal with broken spokes and bent rims.

I think a 29er would be a great muni for epic XC rides (epic as in long). There are some long rides (over 20 miles) that I would like to try, but doing over 20 miles on a 24x3 muni would be a bit much. I think with a 29er some of those rides might be doable.

20 miles plus rides aren’t too bad on a 24 - They just take a long time.
I’ve done quite a few 6hour plus muni rides now - the first one was a killer but you kind of get used to it.

I think the 29er is only any good for getting more speed on the technical trails. I find I ride for just as long as on the 24, I just cover more distance. The other problem is I can’t tackle the hoppy stuff on it so well.

indeed, 25 miles on a 24x3 is quite a long way, on a 26x2.6 it’s a slightly more reasonable ride but still a day ride, whereas you ride it on a 29er with 125s and it’s a morning’s hard riding.

I ride 125s on my 29er, it’s got a feel which is surprising close to a 26" with 150s and a gazaloddi going uphill because it weighs a fair bit less. It’s harder downhill than the 26" and doesn’t hop so big cos of the tyre, but otherwise it’s really nice and really really fast.

You could not buy the profiles and instead setup a nice drag brake with the money you spare. That’d get you a monster as far as long downhills go even if you decided to go for short cranks.

If you’re not going to put short cranks on it and rely on it rolling over things better, you might as well go for a 26", it’s not that much of a difference and you get a much greater tyre choice for offroad riding. The rollyness is only that useful if you’re riding fast for which short cranks will be the way forward.


I think you guys are missing the point. He’s built up and then sold every other combination of uni/MUni there is. This is the only thing left for Jagur!
Don’t rain on his parade:D

[b]you guys must have forgot that i have 145mm Profile cranks on my 24x3 right now.they are plenty fast and a 29er wheel build on that combo will only be faster.i am not looking for a road racer,i’ve had one of those kind of 29er’s already with 102’s.

145mm will be great for all around off rode XC with a few little drops just to push the envelope.

Frank A. is correct,im still searching just like my sig has said for months.

  1. Shimano XTR V-brake and lever. [/b]


What about this hub

It would be lighter and weight and assume stronger than the suzue.

Ride On!

that hub isnt available for purchase and even if it was im to “stupid” to know how to use it…i wouldnt ask that guy for anything,anywhere,anytime “Later”

[b]im finding alot of road blocks on the way to building this one.muddycycle loaned me his 29er (the one i sold,strange eh?) this is a blessing because i get to iron out some differances before i start building my new one…

more later… [/b] my session ends in 3 minutes :frowning:

its between an SH frame and a Hunter right now…

Have you seen the WTC motoraptor 29" tire?
If my guess is correct and you are going to use the 29er for muni it might be better than the nanoraptor.