Sun's "Big Apple" vs. Coker's "Big ???"

Hmmm, here’s a silly thought that occured to me:
If the Sun 28 is called the “Big Apple” what would a Coker be called in referance to a FRUIT?

My suggestions:
“Big Grapefruit”
“Big Pumpkin”

Your thoughts?

Hmmm interesting topic. How 'bout “Big Melon”?

Big Pumpkin


Big Pomegranate

"If the Sun 28 is called the “Big Apple”…

I may not understand the Question - But, the “Big apple” is a tire (26" or 29") made by Schwalbe, It doesn’t fit on, or have anything to do with a Sun.

The Coker …a Big Watermelon. :smiley:

the big banana

Big Fig Pavement Chewtin…

run-away squash

Bloody Tomato

Giant Rolling Eyeball. Oh, wait, that’s not a fruit…

Howabout “The Big Grape” — nahh, that sucks…

hehe, like a 16" uni could be called a big grape…or big blueberry…

The Big Dingleberry

Main Entry: din·gle·ber·ry
Pronunciation: 'di[ng]-g&l-"ber-E
Function: noun
Etymology: origin unknown
: a piece of dried fecal matter clinging to the hair around the anus

The big cheerio.

:slight_smile: the big grapefruit:)

Apples and oranges…

If Koxx-One decided to make a 36" uni like the Coker, what would it be called? :astonished: