Sunny, Icy 30-Miler - Distance Ride

Unseasonably sunny weather compelled me to drive the KH29 for 30 miles of road today, which was about 5 miles longer than was probably good for me and my ancient knees. The first half was a blast, of course, and actually, the way back was pretty fun; I just took it easy and enjoyed the views without trying to push. The last five miles were OK but I was definitely ready to get off the wheel! If I want to push bigger miles, I think I’m definitely gonna have to get a 36er or perhaps a geared hub…dunno. Good excuse to start reviewing the existing related forum threads.
Here’s a little video I made after the ride. It only covers like the first 8 miles or so because I forgot to recharge the little camera after the last time…heh. :o

btw: for locals, this was the Woodinville - University of Washington out-n-back.

Nice ride, thanks for sharing.
It makes me think I should put more distance on my 29er :wink:

Great, glad you made this video! I’d love to see more distance and touring videos, they are hard to find online. I know they are not as exciting as other types of riding but seeing other people’s scenery, distances, times, gear, techniques, exhaustion, etc can be inspiring and helpful as well. They seem more difficult to make since you have to carry a pole and camera though for solo riders.


Thats a great section of trail made for the 36 w/125s or shorter in my opinion. I would suggest switching to shorter cranks to help with the knees. I like 89s on a 29 (or 110s on a 36) for the Burke Gilman.


Ah…very good…exactly what I was wondering about. I’m currently on the stock 150’s, but there’s an option to go to the second hole, shortening the cranks a bit. Guess I’ll start there. Thanks!

…if you have a Go-Pro, you should definitely check out the shorty version of the “Go-Pole.” The thing weighs nothing, and it’s short enough that when I’m tired of filming and just want to focus on riding, I stuff the thing into my small hydration pack. Works great.

Seat height?

It’s a little hard to see but I think if you tried raising your seat height a little for “road” riding & distance it might help with your knee troubles.

I like a high seat for distance. At about 2:28 if you pause the video right the leg extension looks like it could be increased. Next video try doing a side shoot and examine the extension angle.


Hey thanks for confirming what I suspected! I’ve been incrementally raising the seat over the last couple of months, but I was wondering if I maybe had more room to go. It’s odd: I can spin up 100 miles comfortably on one of my regular bikes, and have never had any knee issues in any of my other activities (climbing, hiking, snowshoeing, etc). So next time out, that sucker is going up by 1/2" at least!
Thanx again.