Sunglasses for MUni - need recommendation


I am looking for some new sunglasses for MUni. I usually use the ones I use for driving, but I busted both pairs on our camping trip.

I am looking to get a pair through because I am already purchasing one of their jackets. It will save shipping to buy both there.

The trend in glasses seems to be the swept back look and seem to fit close to the eyes. this is the type that is most common at My concern is with this design, do they fog up on hot days when you start perspiring. So, I was looking for recommendations from riders with experience with MUni and riding with sunglasses.


BTW, I wear a helmet when I ride.


Your link is messed up… it takes me to an architecture website. When I muni I am usually in the trees and there is no need for sunglasses, but when it is really bright out or when I am out in the sun, I use some Optic Nerve Synergy. They sound like what you were describing, but they also have different lenses for different light conditions.

I use sunglasses with interchangable lenses when I ride so that if it is a dark day, I can use yellow or amber lenses to help improve contrast. Glasses that wrap around your face and sit close to your eyes tend not to fog up. The only time mine do is when I leave them in my car overnight and they get really cold (> 20f) and I put them on in the morning with wet hair. Other than that, I have never had sunglasses fog up on me, and I sweat a ton. Your link didn’t work, so I don’t know what glasses you are looking at, but you should consider interchangable lenses if you are going to be riding in varrying light conditions.

Here is something I am qualified to respond to being a muni-ing eye doctor. I have tried them all and Oakleys Half Jacket XLJ with VR28 lenses are the best for all around. They rarely fog, have straight temples that fit with helmets, are scratch resistant and very impact resistant. Plus they are light weight and comfortable. And you can get an array of different lenses. I have clear for night and persimmon for really cloudy days, but 99/100 times I use VR28. Do NOT get glass like some Ray Bans and Maui Jims, unsafe at any speed.
I tried your link but it did not work. I would discourage you from ordering on line with out trying them on. Comfort is really important and the fit will affect fogging. You need circulation behind the lens.

thanks for the responses so far - Good stuff!

Here is the link again.

The link just lists out what they have, nothing specific. It’s also three pages long.

I forgot to mention, I was trying to stay around a budget of 40 bucks, but I will still take recs for sunglasses that are more expensive like the Oakly Half Jacket’s that jrdugueod recommended.

Don’t spend too much on glasses that might get scratched or come loose and go bouncing down a trail. All you need is something to protect your eyes from the sun and any low branches / flying debris, right?

Here’s a $24 solution that’ll cover all the bases:

Go to a flea market or the mall and buy two pair of knock-off Oakleys. Before you commit, try 'em on, most of the cheapies have asymmetrical frames (i.e. poorly manufactured) and they might not fit. Just find two pair that fit well. If you like, get one pair with lighter lenses and one pair with darker lenses. Cost: $20.

Now go to your local auto parts store and get a bottle of Rain-X. Clean both pair of glasses with a generous amount thereof. This will keep them fog-, sweat- and dust-free for a good ride or three. They also work great for your ski goggles and the like. Cost: $4.

Mission accomplished!

I get all my sunglasses at – I’m hard on glasses, so I like to go for inexpensive ones that I can just throw away when they get scratched. I wait for their $50 for free shipping offers that come up often – I just buy $50 worth of glasses and I’m set for a year or two. does not sell “cheap” glasses like maestro8 is talking about – these are all execllent quality glasses.

I’m partial to the Termor glasses by Crews:


Thanks for that first website. i went to the saftyglasses and clicked on anti-fog and found a cool pair

IME cycling glasses will only ever fog up in cold or wet weather, as long as they’re kept clean. I have problems in winter when I’m wearing cycling glasses with prescription inserts (they fog up between the lenses and the fog then just won’t clear), but in 14 years of year-round cycle commuting I can’t recall ever having a problem when wearing contact lenses and cycling glasses without prescription inserts.

one word AVIATORS.
my amazing aviators were fully mirrored and only cost me about $25 they worked well with my Skate style helmet and never got scratched they also didn’t fog, I used them until they were stolen during a school trip to New York City, I haven’t been able to find a pair like them since… Oh well.

Some of the trails in So Cal are not covered at all (especially in Santa Barbara) and it’s brutal to ride them sans shades. Problem for me wasn’t fogging but sweat splashing onto the lenses so much that I just couldn’t see. Josh came up with a solution–wear a bandana under the helmet, which cuts the river pouring onto said shades.


Or a terry cloth stretchy thingee like tennis players wear on their wrists…they have 'em for your head too. More absorbant than a bandana.

Dood–I gotta give that a try!

This man speaks the truth.

ehh…a “sweatband”

Yeah they work well! At rides end they are pretty soaked, but the retention is good so “the sweat stops here!” :smiley:

I’m all over that