Sunglasses company supports unicyclists.

Hi everyone. The nice folks at gave Joel Gleeson Unicycles a code that gives us a 10% discount on sunglasses. Not huge, but it’s good to see even smaller companys showing support of our growing sport. In checkout if you type in “JGU” this small gift to the community is yours. We’re getting bigger everyone! :slight_smile:

Wow, that’s a pretty extensive web site for a sunglass company that only has one frame. :slight_smile:

But kudos to them for offering us unicyclists a discount code, and thanks ShafferJN for passing it on! I would even order a pair if I could figure out if any of them are clear or super-light. I don’t even know if they offer UV protection. Their phone number says they are on Long Island. Maybe I’ll give them a call…

Perhaps that’s what makes them “most innovative sunglass company to date”. :stuck_out_tongue:
$15 sunglasses, with a $1.50 discount. Can’t go wrong… right?

Haha. They say the first pair of polorized ones is coming next week…

I like how the FAQ page says:

“Tell all of your friends because this is going to be the newest trend of 2012”

um, yeah, okay…

Also on the FAQ page:


i orderd a pair