Sundays with Shaffa!

I’m going to make one every Sunday. (I hope) So they’ll all go here. Generally not big riding, but I will try to make them fun at least (x

Love you all!


You are very good! I could not get away from all your videos on you tube- You could edit videos for part time work when not doing UNI, The editing is great too!


Number 2 (:

You’ve always been a good rider & I’ve liked your riding & editing style dress is interesting too:):stuck_out_tongue:
You’ve continued to progress & now you’re turning into a GREAT rider:D

Made this for a Sunday Vid (x

So enjoyable to watch…looking forward to next week.

Thanks so much! :smiley: I’ve gotten both positive and negative responses to the idea of making a weekly video and comments like that will keep me making them (: