Sunday Snow MUni

This ride always blows my mind, high altitude MUni, on SNOW. It was the most spectacular Colorado day, and the slopes were perfect for uphill and downhill MUni. Over 4,000’ vertical in 3.5 miles. Unbelivelable adventure, I’ll shut up now,so you can enjoy the photo’s. Peace.



Great shots. Looks better than my Sundy ride …

Looks like a great day for a ride. Rain, wind, and gusting here for my morning ride. Not near the view you had either. Nice pictures. Later …


I love that Extreme Terrain shot.

See you in Moab!

Nice shots! Did you actually go down the double black diamond on the uni?

no, that would be death, i tele and snowboard that terrain, but the MUni is just not the appropriate toy.

yes you will, but only on suday at this point. i have to help resuce people off of that extreme terrain on friday/saturday.


What ride is that?
Hope to see you at Moab too.

great photo’s as always!

Highlands Ski Area MUni Still a few weeks left to ride it, come on over!