Sunday Ride short

Heres a little video I threw together from Sundays ride. Its the first time I have used a tripod to film anything. I don’t like using the tripod, having a static shot for almost every clip makes it fairly boring to watch I think. Still, I love editing videos, which is mainly why I made this one.
The location is a disused railway line within riding distance of my house. Some of the old platforn is in the video.


Looks like, fun nice riding. What size wheel is that 29?

Thanks! Its a 24".

It was rather lazy. I liked it though :smiley:

I had totally forgotten about that song.

Good video, like the transitions and some good music.


Thanks for the kind words guys. Reef are one of my favorite bands. I thought I would use this song as it is their most well known track and has a really feelgood vibe to it.

Heres the vimeo link: Sunday Muni on Vimeo


Cool Edd, I’m right there with you, I love editing videos as well. Which reminds me I must start our Snowdon video.

More muni videos please :slight_smile:

Nice job Edd, it’s hard to make mUni riding look uber exciting but I still like to watch the vids and ride mUni, it’s just fun to me.

Thanks for posting

The vimeo link says the movie is set to private

Should be ok now. :wink:

Cool vid. I realy need to ride with you man. Looks like you have some good places to ride. Keep it up.