sunday morning muni

yesterday morning we did a nice muni ride. i tried the video function of my photo-cam. i mounted it on the helmet, so it’s really shaky and you’ll get sick…:stuck_out_tongue:
we don’t have the time to set up a cable cam and also on the top there were no trees… anyway we had fun…
there is nothing special in it, no big drops or stuff like that, just muni… also at 6:50 we’re racing a downhill-biker :smiley:
hope the upload worked out so you can see it in hd…

I enjoyed that:)

Nice MUni ride, looks like a lot of fun. How long did it take you to ride down ?

Cool video! Looks like a fun ride!
Were you guys riding 24" unis?

we did two rides: one from the top with 1500vertical m. downhill on singletracks and a second one from the middle with 500 vertical m. on the downhill slope.

we ride 24" except of me, i ride a 26"…

This was a nice way to start my morning, thanks. Guess I’ll get ready and head off to work, not nearly as fun.

I don’t really see any point in bringing this conversation into another thread sooo…

Could you tell me why you like or dislike riding a 26" over a 24" or 29"? You could just shoot me a PM if you don’t want to post your response on here…

…hm i had a 24" but it’s real slow, i’ve got still the 29", but there is no 3.0 tire, so i like a big wheel, but not to big that i can still do the hard technical stuff and also for that i need a 3.0 tire. my setup at the moment is: 26" wheelset with a 29"er frame… i wanna do fast so i don’t need a brake :smiley:
no for real, if there is a 26" frame with magura mounts that fits a 3.0 i’ll buy one…

maybe i’ll put the schlumpf hub in the 26", now it’s in the 29"er which is great for all that xc

So it’s to hard to ride technical on a 29" unicycle? I’m almost sure i want a 26", but I’m still not positive yet. I , like yourself, am one for speed.

i depends on you and the trail, i do a lot with the 29"er but for the “real” stuff i feel much more confortable on the 26"er

How well does a 36" handle XC compared to a 29"? Cause I might just get a 26" right now and eventually get a 36" for my XC rides later. Thanks for all the help.

no idea, i don’t have a 36", my biggest is the geared 29"er (at the moment)