Sunday chillin

hey guys, just a little vid i put together from a chill ride yesterday, enjoy!

you are AMAZING
you’re definetly my favourite rider
those handrails were awsome!
also liked the 540 on that slope

Very nice, I liked the in-in 360 on the acute ledge. Well done.

okay, that was hot. Everything about that movie was amazing. The full outspin on the ledge, the BACKFLIP OFF THE HANDRAIL, the 540, I wish I was you man.

Oh, and that big handrail made no noise. HOW IN THE WORLD?!

Oh that was a niiice video.Dont see many actual street videos anymore so im glad youre still making was with andrew LOL

So: Chill some more +1!

Very refreshing. Nice to see someone laying down some pure street these days.

BLIZAM! that just happened

Sick vid man. I’m jealous of how you do those handrails like its nothing.

Awesome video. A nice balance of techy and big street.

That was only 360…

Such a nice video though man! Great grinds.

Maybe your volume wasn’t up enough. I heard it make a little sound. It sounded like it was a PVC pipe rail haha. Idk why it was so silent but it made noise.

That was really good, awsome riding. I like your uni too, is it a green Summit with Profile cranks? I really liked the rails and everything else:p

That was ******* sick!! Everything was crazy. Mad props to you.

awesome vid. but what does sunday arvo chills mean?


i also enjoy that you still rock the profiles

Hey dan-
Sweet vid. Good to see your still kicking it. I liked the big rails the best.

Mad skills !!! Nice one :slight_smile:

steezy lad :slight_smile: thats was nice!

been waiting awhile for this, now i gotta come out with mine.

that 540 looked sick, and the 360out into the bank and 360 out looked tight, always with the style. it all looked great. andy at the end was classic!

ah so many sick grinds!! and lolz for andy