Sunday at "Suicide Connector!"

Well I decided, quite at the last minute, to make the 120 mile roundtrip to the much heralded, “Suicide connector”, (about 10 miles up above Malibu) to see if it lived up to the hype. Bottom line, for me, is that it’s like a cross between Devil’s Slide & Stair-stepper, but MUCH more work to get to. A very steep, mostly un-rideable TWO MILE hike up the mostly loose shale/sandstone trail, with some techy parts on the way up.

I wanted to basically check it out on my own to get a feel for it, plus since it was last minute, I really didn’t have the opportunity to plan the ride with anyone else. Among my injuries this day was a “tweaking” of both ankles during some rather questionable drops, “jammed” fingers (that really hurt! :astonished: ) and, once again, my left peddle FLEW off the spindle while bombing down a particularly rugged section.

I thought I’d lost the “C” clip (secures the pedal to the spindle) amongst the rocks, when the sun peeked through the clouds and bounced a glint of light off the silvery metal clip, saving me a rather long walk back! I’m going to put in a call to Atomlabs in the morning to complain, and hopefully they’ll either let me return them, or replace them with the most current, best version.

All in all, it was a nice experience, but IMO not really worth the 120 mile roundtrip. I’d just as soon shave 40 miles off the next drive and have a choice of Devil’s, G-spot and/or Hummingbird; all within a stone’s throw of eachother. No video from today; just a few low-res pics. :sunglasses: :D:)

I wouldn’t want to ride that trail by myself. I’d be afraid of getting hurt and not being able to get back down. Several times I’ve been there with Josh and we haven’t seen anyone. Hat’s off to soling down that thing, Terry. I’d walk most of it if I was by myself.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about riding alone there; The higher up I got,the more demanding and technical it became, and then I suddenly realized…there’s nobody here but me! Not another sole anywhere around! So yeah, it might have been rough getting back if got seriously hurt.

If I had sealed pedals, I would setup my welder and tack the C-Clip in place.

I wouldn’t ride pedals that just fly off the spindle like that.