Sunday 5-27 36er ride, Venice Bike Path

We’ve got to get a local web site to list these rides – maybe Rod Wiley can help in that regards. Anyhow, the 36er ride this Sunday is at 10:00 and we’ll start at the far end of the bike path, where it actually ends a few miles before PCH meets Sunset. Since the very end (last half mile) of the path is currently underconstruction, simply take PCH to Temescal, turn right and park on the street (free), then go back across PCH (toward the beach) and go fifty yards to the bik path. We’ll meet there and can go north as far as you guys want to go – all 25 miles to Redondo if you want.

And Terry, I have a 29er if you want to use it.


I’m in

What John really meant was meet at the far NORTH end of the bike path near Temescal and PCH which is one major intersection SOUTH of where Sunset meets the PCH, and then head SOUTH as far as you want towards Redondo Beach.

See you all there!

In case anyone was planning on just showing up, I believe it’s being moved up to 9:00 am.

its times like this (again) that I wish I didn’t live in the middle of nowhere, Midwest USA

have fun for me guys.