are the 20" Sun flat tops very good unicycles?



bumped again

Yes, they are great unicycles.

The saddles are pretty great, not as thick as the DX saddle, but not as thin as the KH, but in the same KH pattern, which makes it a pretty good seat to ride on.

The rest of the unicycle is pretty much like the Torker LX, and has held up to me, weighing 173 pounds, doing countless 3 foot drops, and a few 5 footers, and also doing 4 jumps off a 5-set, and its still going good, I had to give the uni back to my friend who owns it.

The main thing, is the frame, the flat top, of the frame, extends a little bit of the legs of the frame, which I actually like because it feels more stable when doing foot-on-the-frame type tricks. People have said it gets in the way and hits there legs and knees, but I have never had a problem with it.

As for the clearance of the frame, I cant really remember how big it was, but it didnt seem like there was too much clearance, so it will make a rather decent freestyle uni too.

I dont know why, but everyone steryotypes sun unicycles and counts them as a weak cheap uni that sucks, when it really is a quite decent uni to learn and progress on.

is there anything I should consider upgrading when I order it

Nothing I can think of.

If you want to upgrade it to something splined, you would need to update the frame, and some other stuff, so it would be easier to jsut buy a new uni.

Otherwise, the Sun will be good for the basics of everything, and quoite decent for freestyle.