Sun Valley Mountain Unicycle Weekend

The Sun Valley Mountain Unicycle Weekend is scheduled for September 14, 15
and 16 of this year, in Sun Valley Idaho. Plans are still in progress and
I am busy scouting trails for the event. Jeff Sloan has started a website
which we hope to add to as soon as I have the trails together and we have
a schedule. It is at:

Judy has scouted some motels and found a nice reasonable one two miles
away in Bellevue. She has reserved five rooms. Please let us know as soon
as you can if you want a room. We think it would be fun and convenient to
have everyone in the same motel and we can still reserve more rooms. Most
of the Motels in Hailey are booked for the weekend but there will no doubt
be last minute accomodations 15 miles away in Ketchum, although prices
will probably be higher there. The plus side for Ketchum is the night
life, if anyone is interested.

I have a huge pile of lumber and beams for a homemade trials course in
our yard. The pile is about four feet high. I showed it to Chris Reeder
and his response was to climb on top, mount his unicycle and jump off.
He did land it and rode away. We are thinking of teeter totters,
elevated obstacle courses, high jump standards, suspended beams, among
other things.

Last weekend we were planning to ride Oregon Gulch, a trail I have hopes
will be an extreme option to the Easley Gulch ride, but on the way up the
road that leads there, we were hit with a blizzard and so had to turn
around. The snow was blowing and visibility was limited, although we were
still riding on bare dirt. We plan to try again this Sunday.

Idaho Joe

Joseph Stoltzfus PO Box 541 Hailey ID 83333