Sun Valley Id. Mountain Unicycle Weekend

More exploring today, more scouting of trails. At one point I was
attempting to ride down a steep loose rocky incline below the Galena
overlook while an increasingly larger group of tourists watched and
cheered from the top. I did have to admit is unridable and dangerous after
I bruised the arch of my foot by landing on a rock, and so have sadly
added that route to the no list.

The good news is that we can pick up an extreme downhill about a mile from
the top of the old road on the north side of Galena. I think the easy mile
at the top would be a great place for a mass start downhill race. It is
double track with a few small obstacles, and three unicycles could ride
side by side most of the way. There is one curve near the top.

The extreme downhill is a bushwhack through small sage and clump grass,
alpine meadow, and through some trees. Most everywhere the ground is
visible, but it will be necessary to dodge the sagebrush. The small
clump grass makes some interesting bumps and I did go down over an
occasional drop off of a rock. It is possible to ride over a small
sagebrush if you have a big fat tire, and with a little practice you
will be able to judge the resistance. This extreme ride will cross the
easy route several times for those who wish to bail out, and for those
who have family members of different skill levels. It is a fun ride and
I had a good laugh at the bottom.

I still do not have an extreme option for Adams Gulch, and we may not be
able to stay there all day. Instead we could spend the morning at Sun
Peak, for the crazies, and Chocolate Gulch for the sane types.

Idaho Joe