Sun Valley Co. allows unicycles on lifts

Kudos to Sun Valley Co. for reconsidering their no unicycles on lifts policy.
And thanks to everyone who e-mailed them to support my campaign. I just spoke
with an official of the company who made the effort to research the subject and
he referred to e-mails he had recieved, so I believe the efforts from readers of
this website were helpful. I have permission to take the unicycle up the lifts.

I appreciate the efforts on the part of Sun Valley Co management to consider the
issue. I am sure the easy thing to do would have been to simply prohibit
unicycles from the mountain, but they were kind and flexible enough to
reconsider. It did take some time but it is a large company and they needed
clearance from the federal agencies they lease the land from. Also it was over
the holiday.

Thankyou again to everyone who wrote in support. I don’t think Sun Valley Co.
would mind some e-mail of thanks.

Idaho Joe