Sun Unicycles

I am looking to buy a commuter uni and i dont know if buying a Sun uni is worth it…i want somthing that will last, not necessarily cheapest…also what are the advantages and disadvantages to a 28" (biggest sun) and like a 36" KH…just need some guidance from people with experience…thanks for helpin:D

i have had bad expertise with sun unicycles. i would go for a nimbus 29

For what it’s worth, I had a good experience with my Sun 20". I learned on it, and now have a friend learning on it. It’s held up well through a lot of falls, but I’ve not taken it off-road. For learning and riding around on pavement or grass they are perfectly sturdy unicycles.

i had a Torker unistar LX 24" previously… i learned riding on it… now i own a red nimbus 29… it’s very good i must say. i had bought it few months back n the cost was around 330$… just love riding on it… one of my friend has sun 24"… truly speaking i didn’t like it… but it’s also a good one.these choices may vary to individuals… but i like my nimbus 29 more… :wink:

yes… the choice depends on indivisuals… both are pretty good products…

yes… the choice depends on individuals… both are pretty good products…


i mean is the nimbus 29" worth almost double the money>?

yes, you wont break the nimbus, you will most likely break the sun. :slight_smile:

He’s no super villian Ali, so the sun will be fine :wink:

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Sun’s get a bad reputation from the hopping and dropping that leads to bent spindles and crank arms. For a commuter the Sun 28, which is the same size as a Nimbus 29, will be fine. You will not be happy with the seat for much of a distance, but that can be changed and you will still be a hundred dollars ahead.

The 28 and 29 are more a reference to the width of the tire than the diameter. A long time ago it was arbitrarily decided that anything under 700x50c would be 28", and over 50c would be 29". They are both the same size rim, and the tires are interchangeable.

One advantage to the Sun is the square taper cranks. If you decide to try different lengths you will find them cheap, or free. There is really no need for ISIS on a road going uni. It adds weight and expense for no reasonable gain in anything. Sure it’s stronger, but to what end? If you were getting a MUni, or Trials uni that would be a different story, but for what you want you will never notice the difference.

Sun 28 vs. KH36? That is quite the comparison. It’s a bit like comparing a little radio flyer tricycle to the Millennium Falcon. The KH is stiffer, larger, faster, stronger and well regarded in every way. The Sun has a wheel, and moves when you pedal. It’s a basic no frills uni that will last as long as you don’t abuse it. I would say you won’t get style points for riding a Sun, but in many peoples eyes you get the points just for being able to stay up on a uni.

hi all,
i am new to this forum. just read saam’s post… hey buddy, where r u from ?? i also had a Torker unistar LX 24"… and learned cycling on it… now a days don’t get time for cycling… but will start it again… just missing those days a lot… but i am promising you guys i will be back in my cycling very soon. :):slight_smile:

if I had to depend on a unicycle for commuting, I wouldn’t bother with a sun. They’re fine, but it’s orders of magnitude more likely that a sun will have issues, especially if you have a longer commute.

If it was over 5 miles, I’d say go with a 36 inch, but not a KH unless you’re really serious about riding some long distances. The bigger wheel takes a few days to get used to, and will take weeks maybe months before you’re completely comfortable on it while turning sharp, idling, etc.

A guy in my neighborhood back home got a nimbus 29er and later decided to move up to a 36" . . . I went straight from a cheap learner 20" to a 36" and I was fine with it. I just didn’t want to buy something as a stepping stone and later have to buy the real thing.

The Nimbus 29er is a good cycle, a coker would be the next step up, both will last you years and years. I wouldn’t bother with a KH if you’re on any kind of budget.