sun unicycle

i kinda want to get into some distance, and cross country stuff, so i’m thinking about getting a sun unicycle, the 28" one. is it an ok uni, or is it just crap that won’t work decently? i’ll probally upgrade the seat on it to a nimbus gel or something, do i need a new seat post or are the bolt patterns on the seats the same? thats about it. any suggestions welcome but i am on an extremely low budget.

The sun 28 is a good cheap unicycle. Your plan to upgrade to nimbus gel seat is a good idea, the bolt pattern is the same. Maybe you’ll want to get some DX pedals as well.

Just don’t plan to hop up/down things with it, as long as your staying on the beaten path your ok. I used to like to ride my trusty 28, until I got a Coker.

yea, im just seeing if i like the big wheels.

keep the rim tight if you don’t the tiny little hops will give you a nice taco :o
fun for longer ride. my cranks came loose a lot carried the wrench with me. :smiley:

why not just use lock tight? or some sort of glue