Sun unicycle

Does anyone have a sun unicycle? If so
Do you like it?
Pros and cons?

I’ve seen one like 15 year ago which probably was at least another 15 year old already.
Didn’t like it too much, back then, but different era.

But if you’re now looking at newer models…
Then maybe these opinions will be useful to take knowledge from;

Good for learning to ride 100 feet. Then get yourself a better unicycle. Quality of the seat is pretty low. Wear some padded bike shorts. If buying used, make sure the cranks and pedals were put on correctly (not backwards). Both pedals should tighten in the direction of forward wheel rotation. Check to see if the cranks are bent. I bought one on CL for $20 and gave it to my neighbor who learned to ride on it.

A sun 24” is what i learned to ride on and i still ride it occasionally but now with 102 mm cranks and a KH freeride saddle. I am impressed at how well it held up Drop, after drop, after drop. I rode the crap out of that unicycle! Broke a couple toes on it and started MUni with it

As mentioned the seat is garbage but i didn’t realize that until i got a good seat. If its what’s available to you and the price is right go for it. I would buy mine again

I bought the 28 inch Sun (wheel is actually a 29) from Amazon as an upgrade after learning on a 20. I did a lot of research before making that purchase and I’ve been very happy with it. The frame and wheel seem very solid and have held up well to the many drops I’ve. Tire is good. The pedals were very basic and the saddle for me was pretty uncomfortable, but those 2 things are fairly inexpensive and are often swapped out by most riders anyway.

I can’t speak to it’s longevity since I’ve put less than 100 miles on mine so far. I know it’s not designed/built for muni riding or doing tricks on, but for just basic road/bike trail riding like I do it’s been great and should last me a long time. The 29 is a great size.

I wasn’t a big fan of the chrome frame so I removed the stickers and gave it a new paint job.

For better information look up “Sun 28 inch unicycle” on Amazon. The reviews there were very helpful to me in making my decision. :slight_smile:

Thank y’all

Thank y’all very helpful!!!