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Hey everyone, I finally learned how to ride a unicycle after countless falls and broken parts. Yes, my unicycle has had about 20 things come loose, get scratched, fall off, break, get twisted, didn’t work, or wore out. All of these have required lock-tite, extra tightening, tape, glue, replacement, or “Oh well. I really didn’t need that part anyway…”
You get the idea. I bought a cheap unicycle and now I’m regretting it. I need a new one. I found a Sun unicycle at my local bike shop. They have sizes from 18" to 24". I will be getting a 24" if I end up getting it. What I need to know is, will it work for me, and is it a good brand overall? I am 6’3", 36" inseam, 185 lbs., and I’m going to use this for getting around, in a couple of weeks, Callaway gardens in Georgia (why not use a bike? 1. I don’t want to rent one. 2. Why fix my bike if I can do it with a unicycle?). Then, I’ll use it for street riding, and maybe trying to learn a couple of tricks on it, if it can stand it. But first, will the unicycle work for me? (That is, can it take 185 lbs, 36" inseam?)

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I think of Sun unicycles as “beginner” unicycles as well, although they aren’t “cheap” (as in really low quality) they’re still not the greatest. It probably won’t self destruct like your current one though. Since you already managed to learn on your current death trap and want ride some more, you might want to get one of higher quality. It’ll last longer, will cause you less problems, it’ll be lighter and make your riding experience more enjoyable. Also Sun’s seats look pretty uncomfortable.

Have you checked out’s selection for 24" unis? I’d recommend this Nimbus or this Torker(yeah it’s out of stock but it’s a pretty good value)
Also for commuting, 24" isn’t very fast, but it’s versatile so I guess you could learn some tricks. You might want to look at a 26"-29" wheel for faster commuting.
Basically you’ll get what you pay for.

Commuting? I’d def. go bigger than 24" especially if you’re not a unicycle pro. I would have to agree that Torker or Nimbus are the way to go. I’d get a 26" for strictly commuting, but I don’t think I’d ever attempt tricks on it.

Basically, I’m agreeing with the above post, forget the sun and go with nimbus or torker.

I’m 6’4 and 185 pounds and I would agree with the better unicycles. I have a 20" Sun, a 24" Torker CX, and a 26" Torker LX. The Sun is not very good at all, but it works okay for practice in a small area. I’m relatively new to unicycling and I’ve tried both the 24" CX and the 26" LX about 1.3 miles around my neighborhood. The 26" is much better for getting around and both of them are far superior to the Sun unicycle, especially the LX model. Also, note that I used a 500mm seat post for the 20" and 24" and a 400mm seat post for the 26".

Upgrading from an El Cheapo

Jt00, I’m in pretty much the same situation (although not quite so tall as you).

I picked up a generic 24-inch unicycle at a garage sale a couple of months ago. No brand markings at all, except on the seat, and it’s from China.

The cranks use cotter pins. One is rock solid but the other is a nightmare. I finally got it tightened right yesterday and rode farther and faster than ever before. But one fall and the sucker came loose again.

So I’m strongly hinting to family that, with Father’s Day just ahead, a new model would be good. I’m looking at Torker and Sun, so I’ll be following this thread to see what the experts say.

I’m less interested in tricks and off road stuff; much more interested in riding on errands and, in my dreams, a 4.5 mile commute to work. :smiley:

I’m not an expert, but I’ll give you my opinion anyway. I had a Sun Flat Top 20". It came with a pretty unforgiving seat, and it had the version 1 frame that was designed to bruise your calves. The more recent versions have a redesigned frame that looks better. I broke mine when I decided to take it apart and ruined the threads on the bolts that hold the cranks on. So my advice if you get a Sun: don’t do that.

I have seen a lot of positive posts about the Torker LX. I think most people will say that it’s better than the Sun. It probably depends on the model though. I bet the Torker LX is similar to the Sun Flat Top Deluxe.

I’ve also heard that the Club brand from is decent. It’s in the same price range. It looks like it has a better seat than the Sun.

Whatever you get will feel much better than a rickety one with cotter pins.

yeah, the reason I didn’t look at 26" unicycles is because I do want to learn some tricks later on, not just strictly use it for commuting. Just got some new cranks from the local bike shop, so it’ll probably hold together for the upcoming week at least. I’ll definitely check out the Torker and other 24" unicycles, but I couldn’t really use’s “what unicycle should I get?” page because they don’t have my inseam (or post size) on their charts. Still, the Torker and Nimbus look like good choices, if a little expensive. I’m having to pay for a $1300 school band trip to the Macy’s parade in New York this Thanksgiving, so right now pretty much all my funds are going to that, but after Thanksgiving I can use my money for whatever I need. I just hope that this is the last part I’m going to have to buy to make this thing work. I finally found the unicycle on the website, it’s some obscure website that sells everything from stereo systems to patio covers to unicycles. Also, the average review is 1.5 stars. I gave it 1 star. I wish I’d seen that before I bought it, all the reviews on ebay were from excited customers that had just got the unicycle in the mail, not from people who had actually ridden it and then went back and reviewed it.

Edit: Wait, the Torker is actually pretty close to the Sun in price, but can it extend to a 36"-37" inseam?

I bet you need a longer seat post, especially if you ever decide you want to try shorter cranks. It’s a good thing they’re cheap. might even swap the stock post for a 400 mm one if you call them and ask. The Club brand lets you pick a 400 mm seat post as an option.

Welcome JT00! Yeah, desciding what uni to get is pretty tough…especially once you discover that they all have different purposes etc. IMO, I’d start with the one you need/want the most; preferably need before want. It works out well for you since you already know how to ride, so technically you can get any wheel size you want. But the big kicker is what do you do when money is tight? Just remember, most people usually own more than one uni…usually all with different purposes in mind.

GOOD LUCK! :slight_smile:

I bought a Sun

Crazy story. I called my bike shop late yesterday afternoon and asked about getting a 24" Torker, which they didn’t have in stock. It was going to cost $160 after shipping and tax, which was a bit more than I wanted to spend.

So I said, “How about the 24” inch Sun, the white one?"

“Sorry, somebody bought it. But we’ve got another on order and it’ll be here Friday.”

I said OK, gave my credit info and told my wife about it when I got home.

She had an odd look on her face. Then she said, “Go look in the back of the van.”

Yep - there was the white Sun from the shop.

I’ve got to go back to arrange a refund. But I’ve got a new unicycle and I’m getting to know it.

The saddle is plastic and I’m not crazy about that. But the wheel rolls well, better than the skinnier tire on my old garage sale find.

LMAO! My wife did something similar for my birthday! I had told her I wanted a certain one on, but then started swaying a way towards some cheaper K1 on a nother site. Strange thing was that I didn’t put two and two together when she got upset after I told her I was leaning more towards the K1’s.

Super stoked for you, congrats and enjoy!

This is a bit like a story from back in high school. I told my parents I would like a bass guitar for Christmas. They asked what kind and I told them a Gibson. Well…they went to Gibson’s department store and could not find a bass guitar (imagine that) so they went to Sear’s and got one. It was really bad. I gave it to my nephew and went and bought a Peavey.

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I live just west of Lake Charles, Louisiana and have close relatives and friends in Houston. I lived in Houston for about 6 years myself.

About where in Houston are you?
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Pleased to meet you!

First day of Callaway, trying to make it with my cheap unicycle. It has the MOST unforgiving saddle possible. Besides that, I could ride my unicycle almost anywhere and any distance, and I get a lot of praise from people, especially the bikers :p.
The new cranks are holding up pretty well, but one keeps coming loose. I think I’ll get the Nimbus when I have the extra money. I can hop a little with the one I have now, but I’ve tried jumping and the seat grip almost came off, so with this unicycle there’ll be no jumping up stairs or anything. What’s interesting is there’s a circus here, and I don’t think any of the performers know how to ride a unicycle :sunglasses: .
For now, I have yet to find a position that doesn’t kill my crotch on this pain machine. I mean, it’s fun impressing bikers and all, but it HURTS. I hear the Nimbus has a gel seat… Whew. :smiley:


I work on the northwest side of Houston and live in the Cypress area. I just started unicycling last year and really enjoy it. I don’t know anyone else here in Houston that rides.

As far as I know the trials ones on do. As for the uni you have now, I say ride it out because when you finally get your new one it’ll be like riding a Cadillac! :wink:

Belated thanks, BF83! I’m sure our stories about this kind of thing won’t be the last. :slight_smile:

Hi Jt00! I’m very happy with my Club 24, but only as a learner. At my 225 lbs, it has held up well, but I am looking to upgrade soon. As a commuter, there’s no way I would want a 24 if I was doing more than a mile or two. I plan on upgrading this summer to a 29. For now I want to learn muni, then next year maybe a 36 for road riding.