Sun Unicycle 20in x 4.25in?

I just found this unicycle on amazon for $104. Can’t tell if it would
work for trials riding. I’m wondering if it’s crap because
it’s only 104 dollars, and most trials uni’s are a LOT more than that
what do you experienced unicyclists think about this uni?

Here’s a link to it on amazon and some other site.


That rim/tire looks way too heavy for trials and its got a cotterless hub and cranks which won’t stand up to much abuse. I strongly advise against using this for trials. You would probably be better off doing trials on a freestyle unicycle than that thing.


That sun is fun though, specially when wheelwalking, and cruising around is pretty smooth.

Its not worth it though, unless you want it as a novelty cycle, but you may not ride it too much.


the rim and tire were made for the 1st gen walmart “schwinn stingray” chopper bike, and they’re more of a novelty item. the tires are fairly slippery, and i’m pretty sure you can’t find a much softer alloy single-walled rim. :slight_smile:

I bet it would rule over all other 20’s

If you were going to learn to ride at the beach. Or anywhere with soft ground. It would be fun to ride, and better in some ways, but I would guess heavier and harder to turn.

I’ve never ridden one. I wish I had a 24 with a 5 " tire to ride at the beach.

I agree it is mostly a novelty, on hard ground. The huge tire might take a lot of abuse, allowing big drops. But as a 100 $ Sun, unless you are real light, maybe the crank will snap off.