Sun Unicycle, 20in, Extreme

Does anyone have this? Is it a decent trials unicycle? Price is cheap compared to KH and Impact. Just wondering if it’s any good.

I don’t have that one and maybe someone who does will chime in here. I do have a Sun unicycle and I think you’d probably do fine with that one unless you’re already at a very advanced level, in which case you probably wouldn’t be asking here. :slight_smile: Someone will probably say that the seat sucks. Yeah, they all do.

But I’ll point out that it is doesn’t seem to be a proper trials unicycle since the tire size is 20x2.35". That’s bound to be a standard 20" bmx rim, actually 16" measured at the bead like a car wheel. Trials unicycles–either 19" or 20x2.5" depending on who’s talking–have a smaller rim, 15 1/4" diameter or ISO 387 since that’s the nearest size in millimeters.

Not a bad thing automatically. I like my Impact uni with a wide standard 20" wheel. The tire choices are much much much better in that size. It just won’t have the “Extreme” bounce and shock absorbing of a true trials tire. Good luck with the decision!

Sun Extreme DX


I got the 24 inch version of this. The seat sucks.:slight_smile:
The rim is a typical BMX. The clearance for tires is good:
I have managed to cram in a 24x3" and a 26x2.30" on mine. The cranks are ok, not great.
The first things that you will want to replace are the tire, rim and seat.
The hub does have an ISIS spline, so finding compatible cranks should’nt
be a problem. I ran the stock tire at about 42 psi.
If you are getting into trials, something lighter might be in your future,
because steel is heavy. The frame is very strong, I tacoed a rim on this
uni and had no problems with any components but the cheap bike rim that I was running at the time.

In short, this uni is better than a torker, and worse than a nimbus or KH.