Sun, singletrack, and a little sand: that was an awesome ride

I may have overexerted myself a wee bit considering i’m still tired and all, but today I had one of the best Muni rides ever.

It all started how they usually do, the main Corner Canyon dirt road that goes up next to the golf course and the (stupid freaking) houses up the left fork and here’s where it started getting fun. I got to he road that goes all the way up the canyon, but chose the path less traveled: a torn up semi-road that was all sand and rocks cutting through the sparse grass. 8 months ago, it was unridable to me, but on my third attempt, Boo yah! Powersliding and pumping down, i even hopped through the little stream at the bottom.

I continued up the access road and when i got the choice went east-- I think this is where it started being the actual “Corner Canyon trial.” I hiked up and up and a little bit up for about an hour until i came back across the “all-the-way-up-and-over road.” At this point I felt like I had sweated about a gallon of water, or at least a liter or so.

Finally, the wondrous turnaround point had come, and I mounted the uni.

From then on, it was sheer madness. My legs were churning, pumping up and down like crazy. I really could have done with a brake, but I got the benefits of an Adrenaline rush instead.
The way I had come kept switching from 4x4 road to singletrack. My descent felt like I went from desert trail to old-growth forest. I loved the shady parts, and while the massive erosion next to the trail was definitely bad, it made for an awesome challenge of staying on the narrow slant of trail.

I continued down, and chose to go back up the fork I hadn’t taken earlier, only to discover that that was probably the real trail… Oh Well!

I came back on the road and flew back down untill I found a fun side trail that I often ride. At this point I was out of water. The funny thing, however, is that every time i have ridden that in the past it has been a hard pack trail, exept today. I had a few slightly nasty UPD’s thanks my tire skidding out in the deep sand on the downhill parts, but finally made it down to the bottom.

This is the longest thread I’ve ever written, but I just had to let all that out. <sigh of deep contentment>

I will definitely be back for more of that. . . Muwahahahahh!

Very nice, I can definately relate to that. Today I had my first proper northshore experience and it was amazing!


It’s funny, because I was still all elated from the ride and just had to spit all that out-- I don’t usually like the really long posts.

It was just too cool a ride not to say anything though, and now I’ve said it.

What was your North Shore experience like Andrew? I wish I could do it, but there’s nothing north-shor-ie enough around here.

I’m going to do a little ‘report’ in a minute but it was like this…

Since it was my first northshore ride I didn’t have the guts to try the one over the ant hill (there was an intimidating little bump before the descent) and I only rode about the last third or so of the one down the long log. I’ve got some northshore goals now.

There are more photos in the Muni Photos section of my gallery.