Sun got on the "Chopper" bandwagon

Here’s Sun’s fatty:

I would get that, does anybody know what the cranks could hold up to or anything, how long would it last on gentle muni?

Does anyone know where you can buy the red handle and bumper ?

They look cool.

I saw blue ones on another ebay unicycle but couldn’t find where to buy just the handle/bumper.

Anyone got any ideas?


thats a really cool seat


D00d! sooper smoothe seeled barrings!


Seriously, who the f*** is crowing about the bearings on his uni? I think this is just a ploy for uni n00bs to think they’re getting some sort of special deal.

What next, “high-tech stem valve holds air in tire even when you’re not pumping!”

i think it would make a fun unicycle for doing wheel walking style tricks and other freestyle stuff. the wheel looks really heavy so i doubt it would be any good for trials and it doesnt look strong enough for muni.

My guess is that i’t the rim that would go first…
It isn’t ment to be used, it’s for the kids chopper-style b*kes…