Sun good for beginner?

My fried is not very good at unicycling but he wants to get more into it. He is thinking of getting a 20" Sun because he currently doesn’t have a unicycle but he would like a descent one instead of a no name brand one. Would this unicycle be good for him?


Which sun? there a cheap sun with a rounded frame and a seat that is designed to kill. This is what I learned on, and its held up fine. Stair cases, grabs, and trials. Learned it all on the sun.

There are two other models out, that come with flat top frames. One has a seat like a KH and the other doesnt, both of those would be better because of the frame would allow him to learn more freestyle skills than a round frame.

Either way, your getting a good uni.

ive always had the mantra, go for a cheap one in the beginning, but always go for the brand name. sure, a sun is fine for a beginner.

I got mine for $70 at the LBS back when I first learned. I still have it, and it works great. Had it been any more expensive, I might not have gotten started.

its this one

He should get the nimbus trials with a cotterless hub. Cause he will more than likley get in to street/trials.

I think that getting a cheapish beginner unicycle is the way to go. My only gripe with them is they all have those super-thin (as in wall thickness) and crappy, hard to turn tires. When someone who’s just learned gets on my unicycle (with a primo The Wall), they’re all, ‘whoa, holy shit this turns good’ :smiley:

The way that the tire sticks to the pavement and the contact patch tends to stick with the ground more than with the actual profile of the tire is kinda annoying.

anyhow, most people around here learned on something like that, no reason he can’t :slight_smile: