Sun FT unicycle- a reasonable trails uni?

Well, my Torker CX is getting a little old for duing trials. I need a better one. I was wondering if a Sun FT unicycle was a reasonable trails unicycle. I have no money, and it takes me awhile to get some. This Sun FT 20" is only 80 dollars -----> .

It looks reasonable, but I’m not very experienced in buying unicycle, so I need your guys’ help. Is this a fairly reasonably uni for doing trials with?


how much are you willing to spend?

99 tops. It took me months to get a game boy micro. It took me 4 months to get my torker CX whixh was about the same price as this. I just want to know if this is an okay trials unicycle.


It isn’t a trials uni, but it’s probably as close as you’re going to get for $99. Only big issue is no handle on the seat.

umm… try for a torker lx…

that is… if you want to go a doller over your price limit…

the flat top dosent have a handle whereas the lx does so the lx would be better. suns also have a bad reputation for breaking easy

Wow, thanks, :astonished: .

I always thought the LX was bigger than the DX. My friend has a DX and it’s too big for me. The LX looks just perfect, and it’s a very reasonable price too. I think I’ll start saving up and do some lawn mowing soon.

Thanks for the suggestions.


Hold on. It doesn’t matter what size the unicycle is, they will fit you. You simpy need to shorten the seatpost.

I assume though, you are comparing a 20" wheel to a 24"? They come in both sizes.

If I were you, I would save my money for now. The Sun is not going to be much stronger then your CX, you’ll probably end up breaking that too then having to buy another one. Same deal with the LX, it has a better seat, but it’s still a square taper hub/cranks. Not all that strong for trials abuse (it should hold up to 2-3 feet drops for awhile, but not forever).

The DX is splined and will take endless drops. How big of trials stuff do you do? I hope this isn’t too confusing…

No, my friend said he had to cut the seat post just to get it to his size (and I’ve heard this many times before on reviews). He’s taller than me, so it dosen’t fit me. I would have to it it though, which wouldn’t be hard though. I just don’t want to do it.

I’ll stick with the LX, I lke the LX seat and wheel. The DX seems more like a MUni.

It’s not confusing, haha.

(I just read this post, sorry)

Then yes, it doesn’t look that bad for $100.

I’ve read those reviews, they are kind of silly. The unicycle comes with a long seatpost, and you are supposed to cut off the excess untill it fits you. Unless you are really, really short, then even the 24" wheel size should fit you just fine.

The 20" DX is a trials unicycle. 24" wheels are generally used for MUni.

Hope all that helped. :slight_smile:

yeah, and i am really really short (or was, when i got my 24 dx), i was like 5 foot with a short inseam. It fit me just fine, just i had to cut the post down really far, but it isnt like it is hard, just take a hacksaw, cut until it fits. Not rocket science

Yeah cutting the post is completely standard, you’re really unlikely to get a uni that you won’t have to crop the post on.

Ah… okay. But is it really light? I love really light unicycles.


what is it with newbs compaining about heavy unicycles. I swear everyone should have to ride a heavy uni till they get good, then they can get a light uni.
the LX is a freestyle so it is a decent bit lighter than the dx

n00b, :astonished: .

I want lighter because when I filled my tire up and made it heavy learning tricks was harder, slower, and much more boring. You hve to work your way up. Not start off learning a 540 unispin then do a 180 spin. It makes no sense.

Filling a tire up does not make it heavier. What you felt was the tire not having much ‘bounce’. When a tire is full like that it just feels dead for hopping.

Let it out a little untill it’s kinda “squishy” when you hop on it-but not too much so that the tire folds over.

all in your head bro.

Keep riding whatever yo have, and save up enough money to get a decent trials uni. You will be much better off and will save tons of cash in the long run. Weight won’t make a huge difference until you get good anyway, so don’t worry about that so much.:wink:

great answer by jim up there.

you need to take chemistry or something. air weighs vey little. you put in a lot of pressure… you don’t get as much bounce… you run a lower pressure you get more bounce and it doesn’t feel heavy as you put it.
lighter is better but do you know how much air weights with a 20" tire at 50psi? you could take off a handle and it would most likely do more to make it weight less.
why would you want to buy a light uni and then buy a heavier (similiar strengh) uni.
I notice things most people don’t notice when I ride…like a pedal is sloppy, or a bolt is loose.
I recently bent a light custom frame so I went back to my previous setup probably a pound more and couldn’t tell the difference.
when you realize that sun is a pretty lame brand and are actually a good rider you can complain about weight till then buy a somewhat decent uni with splines (dx??) and live with the weight like the rest of the world does