Sun Flat Top OR

Whats wrong with this ride?

The specs look good, and the price beats the Torker DX, and the Nimbus line.

I would be using this for street riding, and would change the Muni tire for a nice street tire.

I do like what I read from the spec sheets and reviews of the Nimbus rides.
I’m considering this as well.

The biggest issue is the saddle, which most people really dislike. Other than that, it’s a typical knockoff; the pedals look cheesy and you don’t know how strong the cranks are. But it might be OK.

Thanks for the reply.

A Club model would in all likely hood work just fine for how I’m going to ride this. but I like the idea of having an overbuilt ride that will last.

In any case, until I get this next ride sorted out it appears I’ll be fighting for seat time on the LX 20 that shows up Wed. My 14yr old Daughter wants to ride.

If a Club would be OK then you mean road and not

If you want something cheap learn, some tricks, cruise, and to loan to friends, then the Club is fine. If you want something that will really last, I’d get something a bit more robust lie the Nimbus II you posted.

Looks like that sun is pretty strong by the specs, but I haven’t heard anything about it from anyone. One plus over the new DX is it has brake mounts. You can’t tell the tire clearance from the angle of the pic, so I would make sure you could fit a 3" knobby if you wanted.

Then, I mean road.

My past rides were a Schwinn that I leaned to ride when I was 11. That was back in the early 70’s. My other ride was also a 24" with a square taper hub, that I do not know the name of.

Both of those served me well, and the Club is as good as those or better.

I’ll probably end up going with the Nimbus. I never broke either of my other two rides, but having stronger gear is not a bad thing.