Sun Flat Top or Torker LX Torker LX Sun DH Sun Flat Top
I know that Torker unicycles are usually considered a better unicycle but does anyone know anything about the Sun Flat Top or Sun DH. I heard that the new sun models are good and may be better or up to par with the Torkers. If you were to get one, which would it be. Could you also give a good reason supporting your decision. Any info on any of these would be helpful.

to me, those look like torkers, the DH looks like a Dx and the Flat Top looks like the LX, they probably arent, but thats the way they look

just my 2 cents

don’t get the downhill expecting much. it has a square taper cranks, not splined. if you have the cash go for the torker dx instead of lx. lx is a decent unicycle though.

They are all about the same in quality.
The differences you are getting are in the seats pretty much.

The Sun flat top has a really ugly painful seat, it might be ok for seat out trials because it is thin and stuff but really its pretty crappy for most people.

The Sun DH is pretty good and probably the most versatile out of all the three. It has a nice big oldschool Kris Holm style seat. It isn’t the most comfortable of all seats in the world but its pretty nice compared to others, plus because of its girth you can pretty easily just cut it down or substitute your own foam for it.

Then there is the LX it is kind of in the middle of the two in terms of seats, it has a fairly thin seat that is nicely padded, but some people find it doesn’t offer the padding they like. Also the handle is a different shape than the DH seat and some people prefer it.

Really it all comes down to preference in seat and which you can get for the cheapest.

I would steer clear of the Sun Flat top just because it really doesn’t offer anything that the others don’t, and if you get one of the others and worse comes to worse and whatever uni you get breaks at least you will still have a decent seat to toss onto another uni. If you get the flat top you probably won’t touch that seat again.

This leaves you with the DH and the LX. If the two are the same price then I would go with the DH because I like that style of seat better but I would probably end up modding the foam a bit in the long run.

If one is cheaper than the other though, I would just go with the cheapest of the two.

ntappin, I have decided on the Sun DH, i have looked online and was wondering if you know of any place to purchase it.

I would go for the LX personally, the frames on the Sun poke way too far out on the sides and have the possibility of being murder on your legs. The LX is a tried and trusted freestyle unicycle, I doubt either of the sun unicycles are any stronger except for maybe the double wall rim on the DH. Even when I started doing light muni my 24" LX held up surprisingly well.

If I was to get an LX, what size would you recommend, the 20" or the 24"? I like trials but I might start to do a little muni riding. What size would be suited for both?

really it depends on how tall you are and how fast you want to go, a 24" wheel goes about a foot more per revolution than a 20" wheel

a guy that I have ridden w/ a few times has a DH… w/ a twisted frame… it sucks
and the things that stick out on the side, put me to the ground because I bashed it into my knee not expecting them to stick out so freaking far.

I have a 24" Torker LX and I love it. It is a very solid uni. I’ve also done some light Muni riding on it.

Normally, for me at least, it comes down to which is more upgradeable. The LX is solid, but what you are losing by having the frame so skinny is the ability to put a splined hub on later. The spacing on the LX doesn’t match any of the splined hubs on the market that I have seen. It also doesn’t have the clearance for a high volume tire for MUni or trials.

Now, the Sun may have the clearance and possibly the hub compatability, but if the frame is crap, then it isn’t worth it anyway.

So I would say, if you wanna do both muni and some hopping around…I’d go with the 24" Torker LX.

If you plan to go offroad at all, you need the 24". If you are more interested in freestyle/light trials then go 20". It is a tough choice and for my first uni I went with the 24" and don’t regret it in the slightest. I’d say the 24" is more suitable for both.