Sun Flat Top Extreme DX 24"


I’m new to unicycling, but not cycling in general. I’ve an avid road cyclist and have done bike tours over the past 2 decades.

Just looking to branch out a bit and have some fun on one wheel now!

There is a local craigslist post here in Anchorage for a Sun Flat Top Extreme 24" it looks like a pretty decent unicycle, has an isis spindle hub and alloy cranks. Here is the manufactures link if anyone’s interested:

Anyway, I was hoping to also do a bit of winter unicycling up here in AK. this sun comes with a 2.125 width tire, but it looks like it could fit something wider. Has anyone used one of these with a 3" tire?

Thanks, this forum is a wealth of information!!

Sun’s are decent unicycles. The steel frame will be a bit heavy, but still very rideable. I know people who are happy with them. Hard to say how big a tire will fit, go take a look at it, and measure the frame to see. You can still ride it with the stock tire. (The current 3" tires don’t actually measure 3", btw, they’re more like 2.7".)

Thanks for the input, I am going to have a look at it after work today. I’ll have to bring my calipers to see what it might fit.

Is there really that much of difference in going to an aluminum frame from steel? The Sun Extreme DX is made from 4130 Chromoly, Would I be better off putting more cash up front.

He’s asking $140 on Craigslist, I can probably talk him down a bit. Says it’s practically brand new, just never got around to riding it. Lists for $185 on the Sun website.

Thanks again!!

The weight difference is very subjective. It depends on your riding style, what kind of terrain you’re riding, how strong of a rider you are, etc. Some people prefer steel over aluminum because of the strength and durability. Try it and see for yourself if you like it. In any case, this is not a huge investment, and could be re-sold later if something better comes along.
(You’re aware that 4130 Chromoly is steel, right?)

I have a sun flat top. It was the only uni in town when I got back into the sport. It is a good functional uni. I don’t think you will notice a big difference with the weight as a beginner. It is once you skills improve that the weight difference will be noticeable. I have been riding my sun again lately because my tire on my equinox went bad and for me the difference is night and day. Not just the weight but the overall quality of the uni is a big difference.

I need a new tire for my 24" oracle muni as well but they are out of stock on the duro wildlife so I wont complete my order with UDC for shipping cost reasons until they are in. So I guess I will be riding the sun for a little while longer. It makes a great learner/loaner uni down the road if you want to teach others.

My personal rule of thumb is $.50 to $.60 on the dollar for buying pretty much anything used. That your call. I would pull out $80 bucks cash and be ready to walk away if he does not take it.

I did a quick search and found some cheaper or about the same price and they are brand new. I am not sure if there is a difference in what your looking at. Maybe someone else on her can chime in.

Bought IT!

So I went over last evening and struck a deal for the Sun Extreme DX 24", it was in really nice condition, settled on $120 for it :slight_smile:

Got home and did an hour of balance practice and riding along the fenceline in the grass, definitely gonna need to find a paved surface with a rail nearby soon.

I took a few shots if anyone is looking at one of these, it comes stock with a Suntour Duro 24x2.35 size tire, I measured with my calipers and it came to 60mm, which is 2.36"; so pretty dang close.

The clearance measured in at 80mm, which is about 3.15", so it may clear a 3 inch tire if they run a bit small.

For now I’m just going to practice with this one and see how I feel about it. I’ll write up a more detailed review in a few weeks for future reference. Thanks again Lance for your advice!!

Uni 4 by ERic, on Flickr[/IMG]

Uni 6 by ERic, on Flickr[/IMG]

Glad to help. Best of luck with your new uni, it looks like a nice one!
A lot of people ride muni with a tire just like that, so you don’t need to be in a big hurry to get a bigger one. As a new rider, it will take a while for you to perceive a difference/benefit. Have fun!

Hey, DaUniGuy, check out the Specialized “Big Roller.” Same width as the Duro, similar tread pattern, and half the weight (and half the cost). I just got one, and so far so good. (I posted a review in the “Reviews” section.) Cheers!

Yes I have been studying that thread for a while and read your review. I will post my thoughts in there so I don’t hijack this thread.

Any good?


I read the post dates, and apperently you have had this for awhile.

What do you think of it now? Has it held up well?
My main question is, can anyone tell me if the Sun Extreme DX
is better than the Torker Unistar DX?

They are both very comparable unis. Both are sturdy and will hold up well for muni. They’re a bit heavy, is the only negative I’m aware of. But they’re steel, so you get the added strength that goes with it.