Sun Flat Top 24" Recall

I received a phone call from my LBS that my 24" Sun Flat Top, purchased in early September, has been recalled. I’m supposed to bring it to the shop and they will replace something. I didn’t take the call personally so I don’t have details. I’ll post more here when I know more.

maybe they found the missing wheel.

(couldn’t help myself)

Do you know any of the bike shop employees? Maybe someone is playing a joke on you?

Or maybe someone on a unicycle pissed off one of the employees/owner. Knowing there aren’t a ton of unicyclists out there, they called you to get you to show up at the shop.

It’s a trap!

Okay, so maybe my 500mm seatpost came in, and somebody was being funny.


In truth, one of the valves in the frame’s pilot light malfunctions when it heats up. The engineers didn’t take into account the expansion of metal, so the pilot might stop burning… and it’s gas leak time.

Even a small spark near your unicycle could cause an explosion. It’s pretty scary.

Wait… the Sun Flat Top 24" unis are the ones that have ovens incorporated into them, right?

I was told the same thing by American Cyclery in San Francisco when I went in to ask about unis. Fellow there said that while they usually have them, they’d just been recalled.

Yes, I found today the recall is real, Sun is shipping a new wheel to my LBS and it should arrive in the next day or two. The LBS says it has something to do with how the wheel is clamped the frame, but they don’t know details.

There’s nothing (yet) about the recall on the CPSC web site or the Sun Bicycles web site. I wonder what exactly the issue is?

I got the story at my LBS today. The axle (or spindle or whatever you call it on a uni) is too short, so the crankarm bolts don’t catch enough threads to be safe. The recall is replacing the entire wheel, with a wheel having a longer one.

Turns out mine was made after the defect was fixed at the factory, so it doesn’t have the problem.

One more reason to never buy a sun uni

They just went up a notch in my books.

Any company that will go through the expense and bad publicity of a recall for the good of their customers gets a from me.

Often large companies only do recalls when the cost of the recall is less than the potential cost of claims against the company for the defective product!

What does LBS mean?

Local Bike Shop

Interesting…I tried to put Venture cotterless cranks on my 28" Sun but the axile was too short for the crank arm nuts to catch enough threads…I stripped the threads totally on the nut and some on the axile and nearly ruined it. I returned the Ventures and put Torkers on, with a new nut, which fit fine.

…but now I can’t get the pilot light to stay lit.

Eat more beans?

who knows, it might help

Thanks! That did it!:slight_smile: