Sun extreme

My friend is looking to buy a unicycle but doesn’t no if he is going to stick with it and wants a trials unicycle to test himself on.Does anybody have and reviews on the Sun extreme

That would be good just to start with, nothing else. Big drops will ruin that.

He probably wouldn’t do anything more than 3 footers. Can it handle that

Would the Torker lx handle drops and sets better than the Sun extreme???

Just get this it will serve you well just remember to get the moments.

That unicycle is a novelty and isnt good for trials. I would buy a torker lx to learn and for starting trials.

so the Lx is better for a begginer.Can it handle drops better too???

The sun Extreme it’s the same thing as Nimbus boomerang ,the tire is too large(20X4.25) and normal trial tire are 20X2.5.i recommend Nimbus ISIS trial with KH moment.

don’t get the sun extreme, those tyres are cool, but they are no good for trials. or street, or anything except for a laugh and then you might as well chuck it away.

Nimbus trials is good.

i have a sun it cost 100$ ive done 2ft drops w/botched landings and jumped 3 stairs again with botched landings and its fine. it doesnt have a handle but its not very hard to hold at all.

if you want to spend more money get a nimbus trials w/moments, and it will probably be good for a couple years.

No, the LX will probably be better. My friend had it and he finally broke it after doing constant 4 stairs and a few foot drops. He’s also a VERY hard rider on unicycles (he’s broken his seat post, seat base, seat stiffener, and frame on an 07 Kris Holm) so I imagine that if he’s isn’t hard on his unicycle it could last him longer than it did for my friend at the same type of riding. Keep in mind that if he does want to do 3 foot drops over and over and over, he WILL need a better unicycle at some point.

He decided to wait til he gets the money and get the nimbus