Sun-Dried Unicyclists

To celebrate the new forum, you can watch this video again!

Thank you Gilby!

looks like a fun place to ride

Lol not really, average at best. I’d much prefer a cooler, more urban area.

Yeah, that’s about our extent of riding places within riding distance…

Not to mention in the summer, the state of Texas is not a very fun place to ride.

cool vidy, you guys were right, we are about the same skill level (haven’t done one footing yet:o )

I thought jumping on the tire while doing a pedal grab was imposible how did you do it.

I’m doing a crank grab.

thats what i ment.

Yeah, he’s good like that. I’ve tried to convince him to learn to hop on the wheel, since he’s already got the basic stance down.

You have? :thinking:

Tim, the secret is pulling the seat towards you…you have to counter your weight, which is making the uni slide off the ledge.

I’ve suggested it a couple times and you said it seemed too hard to learn.

Do you mean jump onto the wheel from crank-grabbing? Or jump with the uni while already on the wheel?

…the skill “Hop on wheel” only means one thing. If it actually doesn’t, then I’m using the IUF’s definition. So the latter.