sun doublewide, brakes, and squeek

hey guys,

i’ve got this noisey setup. i’ve read before that some have removed the paint on thier sidewalls to remedy the “squeek” problem. did you sand them down to bare metal by hand (and sandpaper) or did you just rough up the surface? all info and suggestions always appreciated. thanks in advance.


You might want to try to toe in the brakes it worked for me. I drove Jagur crazy one squeeky ride he suggested that I adjust my brakes so that the front of the pads point in.

I used one of those wire brush thingies that go on a power drill. Be careful because it takes the paint off fast and will eat into th metal quickly. A minor bit of abrasion on the metal doesn’t seem to hurt.

I think I tried sandpaper without any luck. Took too long.


Re: sun doublewide, brakes, and squeek

i thought double-wide’s were disk only wheels? they are in the bike world
anyway, so i wouldnt be at all surprised with noisiness

They are listed as disc only, they have no machined nor ground surfaces for rim brakes.

Re: Re: sun doublewide, brakes, and squeek

Yup, I have the same setup, and it’s big noise. I had some debate with John at on this, and why the Sun is sold as default rim on the “braked” munis like the hunter and KH. His point I think is that for the cost of the high-end muni, the rim should be the best/strongest available. He’s since updated the description on the website to characterize the Sun as “adequate” with the magura rim brake. I’d agree with that…my setup has definitely worked, but the noise and vibration is less than ideal.

I tried the wire-brush on a Dremel solution to rough up the rim and get the black coating off. Mine still needs more work…I still have a mix of metal/black, and the noise is still there. The brushing did not seem to negatively affect the stopping power.

I haven’t tried Jagur’s recommend on toeing in the pad…will give it a shot this weekend and report back.