Sun Doublewide 24" Rim - any good?

To me this rim looks good. It seems strong and the colour and shape are really nice. I’m considering getting this rim because I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get it from an Australian distributor. I couldn’t find any reviews on it on so I’m relying on you. Has anyone got any comments about this tyre? I’m assuming that it’d go fine with a 3" wide tyre because it says that at least a 2.35" wide tyre is recommended.


sun doublewide 24'' rim.jpg


Keep up the great questions. I am envious. The double wide rim, I THINK, isn’t real good for brakes, as the braking surface isn’t flat for a brake pad to work well with. Your earlier considerations for a brake could be effected by you picking this rim.

When you first see it, it’s amazing how wide it is.

The Sun Doublewide is a great rim. Many MUni riders have been using it. Before other rims like the Alex DX32, Avro ZUM, and a few others became more available the Sun Doublewide was what most people were using. I’m using the Sun Doublewide on my DM Vortex 26x3 MUni.


  • Easy to get. Lots of bike stores carry it or can order it.
  • Strong
  • Works great with 3" tires like the Gazz.
  • Easy to get. Lots of bike stores carry it or can order it.


  • A little on the heavy side
  • Not ideal for use with a brake. Doesn’t have a true braking surface. But it is still possible to use a brake. Just grind or sand off the paint from the brake area to help keep the brake from squeaking.

It’s a good rim.

Thanks Rod and John. I think I’ll get the Doublewide.

Doesn’t go with an orange frame too well, does it? :slight_smile:

Phil, just me

good luck

I tried getting one through the aus distributor a while ago.
couldnt get it.

Well I thought that originally, but maybe I’m just not being open-minded enough.

Damn!!! This is too hard.

Oh well, I guess I’ll keep searching,

Here you go Phil, it’s not only green.

What’s cheaper… getting all this stuff shipped, or emigrating to somewhere with a dealer? :slight_smile:

/me appreciates; my wallet doesn’t.

Phil, just me

The Doublewide is also available in black.

Maybe that shop in NZ that was mentioned would have downhill rims? One of the NZ riders mentioned that the shop carried Gazz tires so I would assume they must also carry DH rims like the Doublewide.

sun double wide (48 spoke)


These can be sourced in Aus (though it took a while for the 48 spoke to come in as a special order). BTW, I didn’t even know I had a colour choice, came as black and I like it that way.

I have a 24" muni with the sun double wide , great rim.

Phil from Melbourne

I may be wrong, but i think you can only get it in black.
That is the finish on it, the pic is just green.
probly wrong

Don’t think Groundzero does Sun rims.

They do have the Nokian tyres but I think your intense is a great tyre (I only like my Gazz marginally more than my Intense, and I haven’t tried the 3.0’ Intense).

Green is the colour of envy :slight_smile:

Re: Sun Doublewide 24" Rim - any good?

I’ve seen a set of yellow sun doublewides on a black and yellow RM7. Are these
custom? or can you get them in that colour?


Thanks everyone.
Phil (from Melbourne not the other Phil),

Can you only get the 48 hole one in Australia. I’m assuming not but I’m just checking. Also, did you get it through Advance Traders?


I do like the 24" intense’s alot, but I do kinda miss the extra bounce for trials. Regardless, either would be a good tire.

Double wides are great strong rims, but if you cant get them, look for an avro, Alex, or mavic.

availability in Aus

Andrew and other Australian riders

My brother and i ordered the 48 spoke sun double wide rims - they were a necessity given the weight they would be carrying. For the rst of the normal profile population, go for the 36 spoke.

The 48 spoke was a special order (added about $10 to the price and about 3 months to get through the docks).

The 36 spoke was a stock item and was actually in stock when we looked. We went through Bayswater Bicycles in Victoria (but I assume most major dealers would have access).

We used Greenspeed as our frame builder. Highly, highly recommend him and his team.

I’ll post some photos in a couple of days (when I get a loan camera).

Phil from Melbourne

Thanks Phil. Does the name ‘Bike Corp’ ring a bell? It’s the distributor that I think usually does Sun Rims. I don’t think I can get this Sun Doublewide after all. We’ll see.