Sun 29er upgrade

As it looks like I may be going back to school, and as there is no good place to park near my college, my wife recently bought me a Sun 29er. For now, it will be a commuter unicycle, but eventually I’d like to upgrade it to a light offroad rider/ commuter hybrid. So I have a few questions.

What should be the first thing to upgrade on the unicycle? I’ve heard that the rims don’t fare too well, so that will probably be the first thing to go. But if I upgrade the rim, I’ll also have to buy new spokes, and should get a new hub as well. So I’ll be saving my pennies until I can get a new wheelset. Which brings me to my next question.

Will the Kris Holm 29" rim fit in the Sun 29" frame? Eventually, I’ll upgrade the frame as well, but the frame will hold up longer than the rim. I just don’t want to have to build the entire thing all at once.

After the rim, what would the next thing to upgrade be? I heard that the seat isn’t very comfortable, but I’m guessing that the standard cranks aren’t that great either.

This will probably be a two year project, as money will be tight as we go through graduate school (we’re trying to do it without student loans). But I hope to someday have a fun ride for longer trips.

Get a Big Apple tire, for one. I’ve been riding it the last couple weeks on a borrowed Blueshift. It’s a fine 29-er commuting tire. Fast and smooth.

Wish I could speak to all your other questions, but I can’t. Was just feeling bad that you were still in the No Replies club after several hours.

Recommended combination: Big Apple tire, and Apple flavored Jolly Rancher candies. Ride the one while savoring the other.

That, or a seat upgrade first, depending on the distance of your commute. Since you will use your uni for commuting those are the most important upgrades.

I’ve had my Big Apple for 1.5 years and am fully satisfied with it. There is a BA 28 x 2.00" and a BA 28 x 2.35". Not sure about the Sun frame but if the 2.35" fits, get that one. The actual inflated width is about 60 mm, inflated diameter is 74.2 cm or 29.2". (They are called 28" by Schalbe, but us unicyclists call them 29").

Cranks are a less important issue for commuting I think (assuming that it’s a reasonable smooth road ride, no hops’n’drops).

Klaas Bil

Definetely upgrade the seat. The only way I would tell somebody to use one of those is if I wished to never have to deal with their offspring.

Actually I learned on a sun saddle, but once I had ridden on a KH seat, I will never use the sun again.

On the subject of tires, I’m not sure about the 29", but the tire that comes with the 26" and 24" is not horrible.

According to this thread, the Big Apple won’t fit in the Sun frame. Has anyone actually tried it in this specific frame?
From searching through the archives, it sounds like this thread has come up a number of times in the past. I’m not the only one who wants to start cheap and work my way up…

Re: Sun 29er upgrade

2 years! you could collect pop cans and have enough for a new kh 29er in just a couple months. maybe longer where you are since they are not worth 5 cents a can like here, but way before 2 years.

I would get a cyclocross rim, size 700C (622mm, 28’’) is the standard size for them, they are designed to be strong and light, the cyclocross tyres are pretty thin (about 30-35mm), and have a not that deep thread pattern that gives low rolling resistance and a fairly good grip.

Remember that only the hub, the frame and the seat is the unicycling-specific parts on a uni. :slight_smile:

I don’t think a bigger and fatter tire would be any good, if you use it as a communer in first hand, and the cyclocross rim and tyre would not break when riding XC.

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All the pop cans I collect are going to be going towards my tuition. I can’t justify the extra couple hundred dollars when we’ll barely have enough to pay rent.

Lleberg, from what I’ve read, the fatter tire makes the ride smoother and less uncontrollable, even as a commuter. Can anyone verify this? Good point about the uni-specific parts, though!

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Even better he could collect the cans in UT and return them in OR. Then he’d really be making some money.:smiley:

Hi Paco, good to have you back in the forum :slight_smile:

Is there any reason you can’t use the seat from your other unicycle on the new one (except for the inconvenience of switching it between the unis)?

That’s the main reason. I also have an older Kris Holm seat, and I don’t want to remove it too often, for fear of spinning the bolts. Then I’d have to buy two new seats.
I started on a Savage. I think I can handle an uncomfortable seat for a while. :smiley:

Re: Sun 29er upgrade

If it rides okay on the road and you’re not going to do big drops, just ride it off road too. It’ll probably hold up fine. If the rim breaks, then you know you need a new one. If you’re skint, there’s no point upgrading until you need it.

Big apple is worth getting if you’ve got the money spare. A seat with a handle is nice too. Although the first thing I’d do is buy some cheap metal pedals with pins, that’s totally the thing that makes the biggest difference, especially if you’re riding fast.


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time to sell some plasma.

(I’d forgotten how quickly these threads get swallowed up. This was on the third page when I rescued it).

So, I have some good news. I got my Sun 28" yesterday from Sunrise Cyclery. Here are my first thoughts.

Everyone says how uncomfortable the seat is. It feels fine to me. Not as cushy as a Kris Holm seat, but it feels pretty much like a few other unicycle seats I’ve had. And better than a Savage. True, if I end up doing longer rides, I’ll probably upgrade, but it feels fine for now.

The rim appears to be aluminum. Not steel. It feels sturdy enough, but I’m not planning on doing anything besides ride off curbs (for now).

I think the first thing I’m going to upgrade is the tire. It came with a 28 x 1.75, and it feels like a rocks after my 3" Muni tire. There is still plenty of room to upgrade tires without anything rubbing (I think that a 2.1, 2.3 tire fits?)

The 28" goes a lot faster than I think. I UPD’d at a regular pace and had to run out of it. It’s nice having that extra speed.

People say that 28ers are harder to control. It feels fine to me. I got on my first try and was off and riding in no time. I had 2 UPD’s, but that was just getting the hang of the new setup.

The uni that came from Sunrise Cyclery only had one option for seat post size, so being 5’8", I had to cut the post so I could reach the pedals.

The pedals are cheapos, but for the price, I’m not going to complain.

All in all, I am well satisfied with the $99 I paid for it (including shipping). There are plenty of better 28" unicycles out there, but this one should serve my needs nicely for now.