Sun 28" "race" unicycle and KH20

Gallery link

Looking to sell the sun unicycle, as for the KH20 I’m considering selling it but I’m not too sure yet. The sun unicycle has a coker pi bar and a nimbus hitop seat on it along with a 700x23 tire. I’d do $125+shipping for that. As for the KH20 It’s about 5 years old now, got it back around 2008-2009. I’m open to offers on it to see if I would be interested in selling it or not. That’s about it, let me know if you’re interested, thanks!

Pics and $$$

You’ll probably get some credible responses if you post pics and your asking price. Good deals go fast on these forums.

He has a link to a gallery with photo’s of the two uni’s, and he said $125 for the Sun, and not sure about selling the KH. So, unless you’re interested in the 20 I think your questions are answered.

In the same vain though, the photo of the Sun looks like there isn’t very much clearance. Is it a Sun 28" frame and wheel, or is it a 26" frame with a 700c wheel in it? The clearance thing could just be a weird angle.

It’s a sun 28 with a 700 tire on it. There’s about an inch and a half of clearance between the tire and the frame.