Sun 28? Or not?

I’ve spent the last couple of months learning the basics on my Sun 20. It’s fun but I’d like to go faster. I need some shopping advice from more experienced riders.

The Sun 28 sells for about $120 including shipping. The Nimbus 29 sells for about $310. I haven’t found anything in between.

Is the Nimbus that much better than the Sun? I don’t want to buy the Nimbus if the Sun would be good enough. I also don’t want to buy the Sun, find out that it sucks, and then buy the Nimbus.

I’m not a hard core rider. No ninja skills. I just want to zip around the hood for exercise and possibly ride to work when the weather is good.

Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

I looked at both the sun and the nimbus unicycles and i would say that the nimbus is a better unicycle but the sun is cheaper and it seems like it would be a good unicycle for what you want to do with it.

If you want to ride a Sun for any real distance you will want a new saddle. Otherwise the Sun seems like it would be a decent road going machine. It’s certainly not up to the quality of the Nimbus, but it’s not up to the price either. Even with a new saddle you would be under $200 for the Sun. You might do better on a used Nimbus if one comes up in the trading post forum.

That’s what I was thinking too. I’ll lurk in the trading post for a while and see what happens. I might get lucky and find someone who wants to sell a stock Nimbus 29 that isn’t all pimped out.

I nuderstand economice I spent money I didnt have when i bought my Nimbus II 29" uni. it now get twice the ride time of any or my 3 unis. It what I will be going out on today if thngs dry out a little bit outside.

UDC needs to make a 29" club. Get the price point down to about $215 - $225. Not sure where they would make the savings tough. It’s not exacltly bling bling as it stands.

They could make a version with a square taper hub/crankset, a club seatpost, and saddle. The retail price of these parts adds up to $92. The spec’d parts on the Nimbus touring 29 add up to $168.54. The difference is about $75, and if you put a cheaper tire on you might be able to sell a decent road uni for $225.

They could even find a cheaper rim and price the uni around $200.

I own a used Sun 28" I bought off craigslist last fall. The saddle is extremely uncomfortable. Other than that it is mechanically sound for touring.

I just bought a Kris Holm Freeride saddle to put on it. I’ll be trying that out here in the next few days. If you like I’ll follow up with how that combo works out.

Personally, I wish Torker made a 29er. I’d buy one of those in a heartbeat and put a better saddle on it. 26 inch is as big as they go.

For a brief stint Torker made the AX29. It has an aluminum frame, and a 29" wheel, but otherwise it’s spec’d out like an LX. You can still find it in some shops that have old inventory such as this one.

I’ve been happily riding a Sun 28" for 18 months and I absolutely love it for around town/commuting/road riding.

The seat that came with it was unrideable so I replaced it immediately with a KH. The seatpost clamp was poorly made and didn’t work well so I replaced it after a few months with a Nimbus double allen bolt clamp. After these fixes it’s been great.

One other issue is that the cotterless Nimbus Venture cranks don’t fit/work on it…the axle is too short, high risk of stripping… axle threads.

I have a Sun 28" and I’ve found it to be quite adequate for getting around at a good rate of speed. I bought mine off eBay and it came with a Nimbus gel saddle, shorter and stronger cranks, a T7 handle, and a few other minor upgrades. These upgrades make it much more rideable. The Sun 28" will be great for you -if you’re not tempted to take it off ledges.

There seems to be consensus that the Sun 28 is good enough except for the saddle. If I can’t find a used Nimbus 29 in the next month or so, I’ll buy a Sun and a KH saddle.

This has been useful. Thanks to everyone who replied.

I’ve had trouble with the seat post clamp on my Sun 20 as well. It’s a major pisser to find out that you’ve been over-compensating to the left because your seat is pointed off to the right. Unicycling is hard enough with the seat on straight.

I got a new Nimbus 29 for $247. Free shipping.:slight_smile:
They’re on sale here if anyone else is interested: