Sun 28"--OK for light use, but some problems

I decided that I needed a unicycle to ride to class and my 20" Torker was just too slow for the job. So I decided to buy a 28" Sun from for $89. After 8 months of riding, here are my thought on the unicycle:

This uni is fun to ride, but don’'t try to take it off road. It has raised center tread on the tire, so only the center of the wheel touches the road. This makes it faster, but horrible for off-roading when you need the extra traction.

This unicycle is designed for someone with wide hips with a wide separation between the legs. The seat chafes my upper inner thighs and wore holes in my jeans. Otherwise it is a decently comfy seat, although I would advise upgrading. The wide seat and cranks which flair out (unlike normal unicycle cranks which are straight) make this a unicycle better for a big person with a wider pelvis. I have a 32" inseam, and I had to cut down the seat post–it was definitely designed for someone over 6 feet tall.

Don’‘t leave this unicycle out in the rain because the nuts and bolts will rust. The pedals are cheap and you will have to replace them after a couple months of normal street riding. The steel single wall wheel on the Sun will not stand up to any abuse. I bent the rims after 3 days of owning the unicycle. This unicycle is not nearly as strong as my 20" chrome Torker (the cheapest model Torker). Aside from riding down an occasional curb, don’'t use the Sun for anything except for normal street ride.

All of that said, I have been riding my 28" Sun for 8 months (light use only) and it still works despite the bent rims, cheap pedals, wide seat, and rusting bolts. If you can’'t afford more, buy this unicycle. If you can afford more, save your pennies for a Semcycle XL 28" or a Yuni 28".