Sun 28" $65 unicycle

This unicycle is the Holy Grail off crappy unicycles. This unicycle will die if you take it off any jump higher than 6 inches, yet a small two stairs you will destroy the rim. But I recommend this uni to everyone; its $65 and you fly like a moma. I leisurely did 19 miles in about 2 hours and I’m only 14 that’s how awesome this thing is.

But be warned you have to be TALL to ride this with the seat it comes with. I couldn’t do it and I’m 5’ 8". So I just used another seat no big deal. If you don’t have an extra seat all you need is a saw and saw off the bottom of the seat post, which is what I recently did.

But despite these few, fixable problems this uni ROCKS!!! BUY IT!!!

Chase POW

Where did you see it for sale for $65?
I’ve met a couple of people who have this same uni–they both love them (with the same reservations you expressed).

I got mine off of or somthing like that. It is the Sun website but I dont really know what it was… So if you just look around for it you will find it.


I would also tell people to buy this uni. A really great unicycle but not to be tooken off drops. I think mine was around $89.

do they make one with an alloy rim??

I have one and it’s held up great after 10 months of continuous abuse, hopping up and down stairs, and frequently taking it off 12"-24" drops.
It’s an excellent and reasonably strong unicycle. I did have to replace the pedals after 6 months of heavy riding, and the inner tube once (pretty sure that was shipped defective) but everything else is great.

i have the 20" and ive been taking it off of 20" drops and ive cleared many 3 stair’s im currently learning one footed riding and its been getting throwwn around the road ike crazy and its still almost perfect the only thing that has happened was the rounded plastic on the end of the pedals has ripped off so my feet sometimes slip off and get allscratched up but other than that this is a perfect begginer so if you need one to learn buy this!

My Sun 28" managed to survive being run over by a Ford F-250. It needed to be trued afterwards, but its almost as good as new now. Its a good unicycle alright. My 20" also managed to survive a whole bunch of drops that were about a foot and a half.