sun 28/29/700c question

with the stock set-up it is not recomended to drop off curbs, or hop.

Structurally is this the rim, the hub, or the frame…

basically i have a friend with some nice 700c rims who is more then willing to rebuild me the wheel, if it is just the rim which is the weak point… I like to use it for light muni and road… any advice would be more then welcome.


If you don’t abuse it too much, the hub/cranks should last pretty well. The mild steel rim is definately the weakest point.

Re: sun 28/29/700c question

wumpus <> writes:

> with the stock set-up it is not recomended to drop off curbs, or hop.
> Structurally is this the rim, the hub, or the frame…

Both rim and hub.

I made the mistake of replacing a failed rim on a Sun Unicycle, only
to have the hub break next. I think you are better off replacing the
wheel as a unit.

Both the rim and the hub are weak links on the Sun.

A good wheel to go with for road and light muni would be the hub and the KH 700c rim. Have your friend build it up and you’ll be good.

Then it’s a matter of finding the frame you want along with the other bits to make a complete unicycle. The Sun unicycle might work for parts, but the seat is not that good.

thanks for the replies…and the advice/info!

he has some real ncie road cycle rims… so maybe jsut buy a udc hub stic with the sun frame… hmmm

700c road bike rims are very narrow. The narrow width make the tire behave poorly when used on a unicycle, especially with fatter tires. Wider rims are much much better for unicycles. Skinny rims cause the tire to squirm and you’ll need to inflate the tire to higher pressure to keep it from squirming or folding.

The KH 700c rim is the widest 700c rim that is available (that I know of). It makes a difference.

The Nimbus 700c alloy rim is also very wide - maybe slightly wider (UDC is a little vague about whether we’re talking inside or outside measurements.). It’s not double-walled like the KH rim though, so it’s not going to be as strong (although if memory serves, it’s a bit lighter).

so i think a udc hub and kh rim seems to be the best option.

how are the cranks on the sun? how is the udc 700c frame? the nimbus frame? which one is stronger… and again thank you for all the advice!

Yeah, that sounds like a good selection (unless the Nimbus rim is any cheaper than the KH).

I’ve taken my Nimbus 29er on XC-type offroad occasionally and it’s held up fine. You could possibly try to see if the frame you already have works OK for you.

I’d be inclined to suggest that if the cranks you have look alright then you could try those. But cranks are cheap, so you could easily upgrade to some nicer ones (and maybe try a different length in the process - I use 150mm cranks for my offroad 29er, although 125s worked well too)

Sun 28 Upgrade

I also have a Sun 28" that I want to convert to a muni. I’m looking at replacing the stock 28" rim with the KH 700c and the hub with a KH as well. I’d like to use a 2.3" wide tire. Does anybody know if the Sun frame will accomodate this larger diameter setup? If anyone knows the inflated tire diameter of a 2.3 MotoRaptor, 2.35 Big Apple or 2.3 Exit Wolf please provide as this info will help.

By the time you replace everything you’d need to replace to make the Sun a decent unicycle, you’d have been better off buying a decent unicycle in the first place. Plus I don’t think that frame even fits the best 29er tires.