Sun 26" and 28", 25% off

Looks to me like a decent really cheap little cruiser. Any opinions? No one’s gonna use this for drops or Muni, but to go back and forth from work (4 mi round trip on pavement, kind of crummy sidewalks) seems like a smashing deal. What’s wrong with it?

Re: Sun 26" and 28", 25% off

“BoojiBoy” <> writes:

> What’s wrong with it?

Pedals, rim, hub, seatpost clamp, seat, tire, cranks. No complaints
about innertube, spokes, or seatpost.

Not a terrible choice if you like upgrading your unicycle, but in
total I’ve probably spent $500 on my 26 inch “Sun”.

Here’s some history…

One of the pedals fell apart within the first day. I was re-learning
to ride (very wobbly, but not falling a lot) so I can’t imagine more
moderate use. It didn’t seem worth replacing or rebuilding such cheap
pedals, so I swapped in an old pair of MTB beartraps.

It took about a month to tweak the rim. I was asking for it, trying
to side mount. New rim, new spokes.

A few short months later onne of the studs on the hub broke off for no
good reason. The worst I had done is 4" hops and some easy riding off
curbs. New hub, new spokes.

By this time, the seatpost was a mess, severely dented by a poorly
implemented clamp. Not only did it look bad, but I couldn’t get it to
stay straight. Grinding off the old clamp and replacing it with a
Primo Viking did the trick. New seatpost, too.

The “Sun” decal seemed out of place, so it was replaced with bullet
hole stickers donated by an 8 year old friend.

The rest of the history is upgrades. Shimano platforms (with the
short pins) are killer (or is that overkill?) commuter pedals, the
Hookworm tire rides straight, the saddle has gone from Sun to KH and
is currently a (cheap, but reasonably comfy) Bedford air.

Oh yeah, the cranks. Others may disagree, but I found 150s too long
for cruising and street riding. I tried 125s sometime before the hub
broke and never looked back.

I think all that’s left of the original is the frame and tube.


Eep, I figured the thing was cheap for a reason. I guess if you want an affordable uni to commute on, you might as well spend the extra dough on a Journeyman or something. Or you can forget about the commuting and just continue to save for a Trials. Thanks for the info.