Sun 20' Flat top Deluxe version 1 Review

my first unicycle, is thefirst thing i have to say, when i first startedlooking for a unicicle, my choice was a torkerlx20’, that costs about 100 bucks, and in these forums, i read sun unicycleswerentso good, buti only had a viliable the sun uni,for about 85 bucks, so ibought it about 2 months ago, it took me like 5-6days to ride, andknowadays i do 2 inch jumps, bunny hops and rather high falls, it has worked flawlessly, i expected a lot less from my sun, its sturdy and light in a balanced way, and it can holdme up preety well, i ride almost everyday,( if reain doesent spoil it0.
now, sun hasreleased the second version of the flat top deluxe and it looksawsome, double wall rims, cotterless cracnksand all the fancy stuff, these onecosts abpout 200 bucks,

i would not recomend all sun unicicles, but the high end ones are grate and i do recomend thyem to bigginers.

Flat top deluxe:
version 1:

version 2:

Hey man is your space bar broke or something??
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im sorry dude my english is not too good and I type to fast so i have errors!

I have a 28" sun and a 24" sun and I can’t understand why people are always ragging on sun’s…I have ridden them many a mile and never had any problems, that is once I changed the pedals and seat. some of us can’t afford Kris Holms stuff or nimbus but I would love to have a 36" nimbus one of these days…