Sun 20" Flat Top Blue Unicycle

Hey everybody,
I’m saving up some money to travel to Illinois. I was planning on selling my old unicycle that I have no use for.
I have an old Sun 20" Flat Top Unicycle Version 1 that I used as a beginner. I am willing to sell part of the unicycle if asked. The unicycle is for sale at $52.50.
This unicycle is for beginners who can’t find a good deal. I also have some VP pedals for $7.94.
Pictures coming soon.

Here are the pictures.

I replaced the frame with something else, as you may see. I am also now selling a blue frame for $32.50 but it doesn’t come with the screws just the brackets and washers.

How much would shipping to Canada (specifically Ottawa, Ontario) cost?

$65.55. I don’t really want to pay that much but I guess I may be able to work it out.